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Funk Up (70's Funk Style Logo)

A catchy, upbeat stinger in a classic 70’s Funk style - great for podcasts, vlogs, corporate, training or business style projects, features guitars, bass, drums, Hammond organ and horn section.

Westside Story

A melancholic and relaxed west coast rap instrumental with piano, saxophone, strings and deep kick. Suitable for any project dealing with rap, gangsters, LA and California.


Optimistic Reggae tune with horn section melody and hammond and steel drums solos.

Creepy Funk

70’s pursuit groovy funk with a creepy horns section melody.

Sax Hip Hop

Groovy hip-hop theme with jazzy feel and funky beat. Ideal for shopping video, adventure, home video, dance party, for any kinds of vlogs, for advertising, sport videos.

Funky Electro Hop Bigband

Energetic track with brass, saxophones, funky guitar, deep bass and strong trap beats. Music is suitable for advertising, vlogs, shows, sports, various presentations, videos about cars, technology, fashion and other projects.

Funky Jam

''Funky Jam'' is a relaxing and positive funk track. You can hear lots of electric guitars, electro piano, scratch, analog synth, brass section, and slap bass lines. Background music for videos, lifestyle themes, slideshows, travels films, Vlogs, TV shows for presentations, adverts, social media, an...

Upbeat Childrens Pop

A jolly, upbeat, catchy and happy pop song for children's media. Featuring: glockenspiel/vibes, piano, saxophone, brass, bass, hand claps and drums. Other uses for this track include children’s TV/videos, babies, nurseries, educational videos, dogs, cats and other pets, innocent families, sunny d...

Funky Trap Summer Beat

Clockwork, stylish music with deep bass, strong beat, brass, saxophone, mute guitar. Suitable for vlog about cars, parties, sports and other projects.

Lo-Fi Chilling Sax Beat

Lo-Fi Chilling Sax Beat is an old-fashion lounge sax music with lo-fi sound.

Happy Advertising

Another playful track with ukulele tones, piano, bells, bass, drums and percussion designed for tv and radio commercials, corporate promos, cartoons, animations, kids and family related videos.

Undercover Strut

This is a cool quirky Jazz tune with a live Jazz band feel staring off with a little guitar supense then rolling along with deep jazz bass line, swinging sax, trumpet and jazz kit breakbeat.

Bo's Groove

A cool 1960s vibe with a live band feel, this jazzy track rolls along with walking jazz bass and funky beats.
Yann Keerim
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