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Move To The Groove (Funky Groovy Dance Fun)

Move To The Groove (Funky Groovy Dance Fun) is an upbeat and positive music track that gets you moving. It creates a sense of final celebration, jubilant festivities and lively entertainment. It has a groovy rhythmic beat and percussion, emphatic bass guitar, rejoicing brass, synth plucks, and jingl...


festive atmosphere... at the fair...carousel or circus

Chinese Orchestra Bouncy (Soundtrack)

It is a Chinese orchestra which featured the reed instrument called Hulusi. Perfect for Chinese festivals and event movies, dramas, anime, game, movies set in China. The main Chinese instruments is a Hulusi.

Stomp Clap Stomp Stomp Clap

An energetic, upbeat and powerful percussion track. Youthful uplifting stomps and claps. Perfect for commercials, openers, intros, Youtube, video games, documentaries, drone footage, time-lapse, etc. Many hit points and easy to edit.

Samba Band

The sound of Samba / Rio / Brasil / Brazil / South America! Energetic and proud percussion.

Halloween Is Weirdly Fun

Quirky and fun Halloween theme to use in your commercial or other production. The combination of harpsichord, xylophone, finger snaps and other strange sounds make up this typical wacky theme that can draw people’s attention.

Little Witch

Gloomy, but at the same time very kind and positive orchestral music created in the style of Disney fairy tales. Perfect for Halloween projects, animation projects, costume parties, cartoon, films, shows, youtube videos, christmas video, tv, radio, advertising, games etc.

George The Flying Bat Orchestral Halloween

A whacky manic orchestral piece sonically draped in everything that is Halloween. A spooky theremin melody is carried forth by haunting strings, children's choir, frantic woodwinds and sinister brass outbursts. If you listen closely you can hear George the Bat spreading his wings on Halloween nigh...


Happy, Merry, Carnival, Magical, Playful, Holiday, Instrumental Children's song.

Latin Dance

Bright positive music for celebration featuring accordion and vibraphone. Cheerful and rhythmic dance atmosphere for advertising and promotional projects.


Dance Latin track, full of positive and tropical flavor. This music is percussive and melodic, good for travel video and lambada dancing. Item includes a versions of track: 1. Coconut Lambada (1:23) 2. Coconut Lambada (Full Version) (2:20)

Epic Latin Drums

Energetic action drums with a lot of latin percussion. You can hear cajon, cabasa, guiro, shekere, clave, timbales, roto drums, shakers and tambourine. Groove in track slowly rising and peaking at the end. This track is perfect for media related to sport activities, brazilian and african natives, ex...

Cuban Dance

Hot Cuban dance music. More percussion, fast piano, guitar and trumpet will make unforgettable exotic atmosphere for your projects!
Yann Keerim
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