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Endless Sky

Open roads, inspiring sceneries, a clear path towards a better, happier future. This melodic, acoustic track is all about that sense of serene joy to which we all aspire. It is also a very versatile track, perfect for a variety of different situations: think of family, harmony, nature, love and frie...

Back And Forth

A joyful, bouncy country track, with a retro flavor, reminiscent of the 60's rock&roll sounds. Nice guitars, violins and hammond organ, all played by real musicians. Happy and optimistic without being too frenetic or too invasive, very flexible and versatile, ideal as background for a variety of pro...

Tribal Spirit

Native American tribal piece with authentic pipes, acoustic flamenco guitar and light percussion.

Spiritual Journey

Authentic native tribal piece with acoustic guitar and pipes. Very romantic, emotional feel.

Spirit Of The Earth

Native American Indian piece with solo pipe. Authentic atmospheric sound.

Slide The Guitar

Southern Louisiana Blues track with twangy slide guitar

Native Promise

Authentic Spanish Flamenco track with acoustic guitar and percussion. Very romantic, emotional feel.

Louisiana Blues

Laid back Southern Louisiana blues track with slide guitar

Eagles Fly

Emotional Native American track with authentic pipe. Very atmospheric.

Calm Of Night

Authentic Spanish Flamenco track with acoustic guitar, pipes and percussion. Very romantic, emotional feel.

Call Of The Wild

Native American Indian theme with solo authentic pipe. Atmospheric and thoughtful.

Amazing Grace Of Native America

Rendition of Amazing Grace with authentic Spanish Flamenco acoustic guitar and pipes. Very romantic, emotional feel.

New Road Ahead

Inspiring modern Country ballad with full band arrangements. Uplifting, loving, carefree and slightly melancholic atmosphere.

Life Of A Dreamer

Emotional Country/Blues track with full band arrangement. Great for warm background music.

I Got Eyes For You

Carefree Country Rock track with a classic upbeat Southern Feel.

I Feel A Need

Laid-back Bluesy Southern Country Rock track with cool groove and raw, twangy guitars.

I wish I was in Dixie

Solo piano version of the popular American Civil War. Melodic, quirky and upbeat.

Battle Hymn Of The Republic

Solo piano rendition of the popular American Civil War song, with a saloon bar sound. Quirky, melodic and fun!

Acoustic Country Reel

A groovy, sparse and yet energetic, all acoustic country track, with a gorgeous fiddle playing over guitars and percussive elements. All instruments played by real, talented musicians. Ideal for any production where a sense of determination and motivation combined with authenticity and tradition are...
Yann Keerim
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