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A slow, poignant, emotional, heartfelt folk track with a guitalele as lead & acoustic guitar as rhythm. Sad but hopeful tone great for corporate drama, montages and underscore

Inspirational and uplifting acoustic track

Inspirational and uplifting acoustic track featuring warm acoustic guitars. In the style of Americana, acoustic folk and new country. The beautiful melodies will evoke feelings of happiness and joy.

Beautiful cinematic track

Beautiful cinematic track for emotional stories about love, adventures, weddings, passion and memories. Perfect choice for Cinematic Trailers and other inspirational projects, film, promotional and motivational corporate videos.

Relaxed jazz-funk groove with lots of soul

Relaxed jazz-funk groove with lots of soul capturing an easy going urban atmosphere that will make you dance. Featuring electric bass, rhodes and electric guitar. Great for jingles, trailers, movies and adds, get this one and groove along.

Intense dramatic cyberpunk suspense techno motion track

Intense dramatic cyberpunk suspense techno motion track with groovy analog synths and drums. Perfect for futuristic film like cyberpunk movie and action games. Track create with great dynamics and international film & game loudness standard.

A Pop / R&B style ballad

A Pop / R&B style ballad, a warm, melancholic song works well as a general romance / romantic background track for media etc.

Summer Flowers

A soft and calm track featuring acoustic guitar. This track has a pop and country flavor and its easy going and carefree expression is suitable for many summer projects.


Delicate cinematic piece featuring strings and piano. Slowly and gently moving inspiring, hopeful melodies.


Ever-moving, evolving, and unpredictable piano melody, like a flight of a butterfly. Gentle, shimmering, and playful.

Unfinished Story

‘Unfinished Story’ is a serene piano compositional that will transport its listeners to a place of peace and contemplation. Close your eyes and you might imagine yourself alone in a beautiful mountain range, totally relaxed and open hearted. These warm and evocative melodies will appeal to any...


‘Drifting’ is an emotionally intense piano composition, made up of a series of deceptively complex arpeggios and single note melodies. It expertly fuses tension and release, with bleak harmonies giving way to sudden moments of harmonic beauty. The complexity of the piece will make it a favorit...

Treasured Memories

Warm and intimate with flowing piano and atmospheric strings creating heartfelt, sentimental mood. Background music for touching and inspirational scenes, social media vlogs, family footage and wedding slideshow.

Family Memories

A bright and inspirational folk music track. It features acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, piano, drums, synths and percussion. Best for promotional videos, commercials, advertising, marketing campaigns, presentations, family slideshows, travel video footage, montages and more!
Yann Keerim
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