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Sweet Serenity - 15 seconds romantic nostalgic music bed

Calm and beautiful piano music. Soft and mellow grand solo piano – sets a sweet, serene and peaceful mood. Great for pensive, sensitive and regal situations and romantic scenes reflecting love, tenderness and peace. Romantic drama, flashbacks, dreamy nostalgic, quiet moment.

Quiet Romance (positive romantic acoustic piano)

Beautiful romantic and heartwarming solo piano instrumental - feauturing mellow and sensitive acoustic piano. The mood is quiet, soft, hopeful and sensitive. Great for peaceful sweet situations, warm positive moments of romance and as calm background music for TV, Film or corporate presentations.

Nature Wedding (Romantic happy elegant piano)

Romantic and elegant solo piano instrumental featuring a grand acoustic piano. The mood is light, positive and joyful. Nature Wedding could be used for wedding ceremony, engagement scene or other happy situations. Romance, joy, love, passion, quiet emotional moments, inspiring, motivational.

Sweet Love Remembered - romantic 30 seconds bed

Romantic, sweet and deeply moving music with dreamy warm strings - cello, violins and viola and grand piano gives a heartwarming and magical mood Great for romance, epic love scenes, romantic drama, passionate moods, sentimental and nostalgic loving moments.

Sweet Love Remembered - positive warm romantic bed

Romantic, sweet and deeply moving music with dreamy warm strings - cello, violins and viola and grand piano gives a heartwarming and magical mood Great for romance, epic love scenes, romantic drama, passionate moods, sentimental and nostalgic loving moments.

Hope For The Future (Romantic 15 seconds edit)

Romantic and elegant tune creates a joyful and loving mood. Bright and optimistic music inspiring hope. The beautiful and delicate acoustic piano makes this music great for elated wedding scenes as well as heartwarming, positive and sentimental situations.

Looking Back (Romantic 30 seconds edit)

Thoughtful and peaceful music featuring soft and calm acoustic grand piano and flowing epic synth texture creates a emotional melancholic and pensive mood. Good for dreamy and nostalgic scenes like looking back on a time or love now lost.

Wedding Romance (Romantic 15 seconds piano edit)

Romantic heartwarming music featuring elegant acoustic piano. The positive and uplifting theme creates a joyful and magical atmosphere. The beautiful and optimistic music is great for elated happy ever after - wedding and engagement scenes and other light, happy and emotional situations.

Romantic novelette

This is acoustic, folk, romantic and beautiful music with live guitar, piano, strings and soft drums. Perfect background audio for sentimental and romantic Video, Media, TV, Broadcast, Radio, Presentations, YouTube and other Multimedia Projects.

Romantic Piano loop

Romantic and wistful solo piano. Perfect for YouTube romantic videos, documentary series, commercials, advertisements, film/television, wedding videos and corporate presentations.

Romantic Love loop

An inspiring, romantic and emotionally fulfilling piece of music for your project. Perfect for wedding videos, romantic videos, inspirational projects, photo slideshows, motivational presentations and more. Starts with uplifting piano and slowly builds as full band come in, adding extra layers of em...

Romantic Holiday

Soft solo guitar music with an dreamful, catchy melody. Perfect for beautiful pictures, documentaries, holiday, sunset, silent moments, romantic themes and many more.

Romantic Soundtrack

Like a classic movie film theme, this gorgeous soundtrack starts gently and evolves into some spine tingling moments of joy and release.

Delicate Romantic Piano

Please relax and enjoy this gorgeous delicate piano solo. The romantic classical-inspired melody has a sense of timelessness and luxury. Perfect for advertising luxury and refined products, such as wine, restaurants, holidays, fine cars etc. Also perfect for a dramatic scene of introspection, ref...

Romantic Acoustic Guitar And Strings

A gorgeous sweeping cinematic soundtrack, that sounds like it was in your favourite big screen Hollywood western, romance, or epic film. It features a delicate, memorable melody on a classical guitar, supported by gentle orchestral strings. The violins soar majestically midway through the track, as ...

Celtic Romantic Soundtrack

A gorgeous, emotional orchestral composition featuring passionate Celtic-styled performances on solo cello and solo violin, accompanied in the climactic parts by the Uilleann Pipes, which is a signature Celtic sound you will be familiar with from some of the all-time greatest film soundtracks. Other...

Country Folk Optimistic Romantic

Catchy and Inspiring Acoustic folk track with live acoustic guitars, piano, strings, drum kit and bells. Beautiful optimistic music with positive and joyful sound will be perfect background audio for your Video, Media, Multimedia, Commercials, Advertising, YouTube Promotion, Radio, Photo-Audio-Vide...

Wedding Romantic Cinematic

Warm, Subtle, Gentle, Beautiful and Touching track with romantic and sentimental mood. Perfect background audio for any proper events such as Wedding Videos, Love Stories, Sweet and Gentle moments of life.

Romantic Opening

Romantic and sensual music in the performance of the orchestral strings and violin. Will be great for romantic movies, sentimental moments or movie about child.

Italian Romantic Memories

Acoustic folk track with traditional Mediterranean instruments including mandolin and accordion. Authentic sounds and arrangement. The melody is very reminiscent of classic Italian songs. A truly romantic, suggestive, inspiring tune. Alternative, more intimate versions are also available with no dru...

Romantic Journey

Romantic, Sentimental, Acoustic, Lovely, Folk, Live, Atmospheric, Touching, intimate and very subtle musical piece with very emotional and warm atmosphere. Light guitars with piano and orchestral instruments playing beautiful fills and melodies. Very romantic and sentimental mood will be perfect bac...
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