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Motivational Corporate

Motivational Corporate is a move to success, confidence, cleanliness and lightness, a flight to the sky, an inspiring and uplifting road to the sun! Instruments: piano, crash, percussion, reversed piano, drums, bass, electric guitars, acoustic guitar, strings, background sounds. It’s great for c...

Earth Day

Earth Day is a beautiful, uplifting, inspiring, cinematic soundtrack. Perfect for: Earth Day videos, Inspiring commercials, uplifting presentations, emotional projects, sentimental videos, wedding videos, Valentine's Day videos, romantic videos, documentaries, Corporate Projects, Innovative T...

Emotional Music

Emotional track with acoustic guitar, piano and strings.This is an inspiring and beautiful soundtrack. Touching, solemn, tender, encouraging; beautiful feelings for your media work. This track is perfect for emotive projects, slideshows, inspirational commercials projects, motivational presentations...

Family Joy

This one is beautiful and emotional acoustic folk music with warm sound and heartwarming mood. Nice background for weddings, family videos, slideshows, journey, and adventure videos, travel blogs, time with friends videos, touching moments, romantic videos, advertising, and more.

Beautiful Landscape

Introspective and relaxing piano track thought for inspirational and reflexive video projects with an uplifting climax at the end.


Women is an uplifting, emotional, motivational, cinematic soundtrack, featuring piano, strings, acoustic & electric guitars, glockenspiel, drums. Recommended for: woman's day celebrations, romantic videos, wedding projects, Valentine’s Day videos, emotional videos, nature videos, commercials,...

Motivational Cinemtatic Trailer

An Hibrid Orchestra arrangement with drums guitar and bass. With an inspiring and optimistical mood this song is perfect for any comercial purpose as well as for wedding footage, adventure, travel, business, corporate, and any audiovisual project in which positivism prevails.

Debussy: Clair de Lune

The third movement of Claude Debussy’s Suite Bergamasque, “Clair de Lune” (“Moonlight”) is an emotional, expressive piece for solo piano. The piece is dreamy, gentle and harmonious, and will be great for wedding videos, romantic scenes, nature videos etc.

Lovely Day

This is a beautiful, inspiring and positive acoustic track. Perfect for commercials, advertising, family footage, intros, wedding and nature shows.

Celebrate Corporation

Positive theme with glockenspiel, piano, guitar and drums. Perfect for business presentations, motivational videos, celebration and wedding videos.

Fashion Week

Fashion Week is chill house theme, perfect for fashion videos, fashion show, spa & fitness commercials, hotel promo, travel companies, airline companies etc..

Business Ambient

This mellow calm relaxing electronic background music will be good for a new technology and business presentations, hi tech commercial trailer and presentations, scientific educational films, documentary soundtrack, different tutorials and explainers, innovate creative architectural and design proje...

Life is Beautiful

This is a beautiful, inspiring and positive acoustic track. Perfect for commercials, advertising, family footage, intros, wedding and nature shows.

Tex Mex Sabor

Festive mexican instrumental music in the style of Mariachi folk bands, with acoustic guitars, trumpets and accordion. Joyful and playful mood, hand claps and percussions, creating a perfect atmosphere for a mexian party.


Optimistic tune with Piano melody and drums, bass, guitar, strings and sinth background, perfect for tv program’s main title, emotional birthday or wedding videos, etc.

Romantic wedding piano

Romantic, peaceful piano and strings, immersing in the atmosphere of love and giving a happy mood.
Yann Keerim
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