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Toy Stories

A joyful music box tune, creating a positive vibe, great for kids videos and various other projects.

Little Efi's Valse

A very soft and melodic lullaby, with piano and music box. Great for background music in children videos, presentations or other projects requiring a soft atmosphere.

My Baby Darling (1950s/1960s Happy Motown Sounding Girl Group - Slower Version)

With the signature late 50s early 60s drum beat, this happy song is perfect for a project that needs a nostalgic feel to it. Beach trip, driving around town, even a crafts, culinary arts, or DIY video. Song has: reverb-y drums, bright piano, Motown bass, tambourine, Rickenbacker guitar, electric ...

Fairytale Dreams

Fairytale Dreams is a magical, positive and dreamy piano composition with inspiring strings, bells, chimes and lovely guitars. It`s suitable for nature / sea visuals, movies about beauty of our world, intros and documentaries, ads or promos.

Sneaky Cat

Sneaky Cat is a mysterious and spooky song which could be the perfect soundtrack for any projects that need of a playful mood. This catchy track is good for any kind of cartoon, comedic, magic and funny scenes, or for any children’s applications.

Magic Snow

Magic Snow is an inspiring royalty free music track with a positive energy. It`s all about magic of the Christmas night and New Year, about hopes and dreams! This hopeful and inviting holiday melody will do wonders for your bright commercials, presentations, games and apps, intros and openers, logos...

Sun Through the Window

An instrumental Bossa Nova track with a warm mood. Perfect for vlogs.

Fun Indie Pop

Listening to this hilarious pop track will make you feel warm. You will want to dance and clap your hands. An interesting guitar tune in combination with live bass guitar and electronic drums make this track unique and memorable. It is lightweight and transparent, and can be used in both children’...

First Look (Lullaby)

A very sweet tune with a music box and pad, a lullaby, perfect for kids videos, photo mementoes or when a soft and sentimental background music is required.

Tropical House Party

This bright and atmospheric summer track with beautiful plucks, synths, and vocal chops is suitable for any sort of project. It can be used in different videos, presentations, and commercials related to summer, beach parties, and the like. The inspirational and uplifting mood evokes feelings of happ...
Yann Keerim
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