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Upbeat & Fun Energetic Indie Rock

Upbeat and Fun – Energetic, positive, optimistic, happy track with electro guitar and catchy whistle melody! Perfect for advertising, TV, radio,corporative presentations, private videos, slideshows, photo slideshow and more…

Uplifting Summer Pop

Uplifting Summer Pop Optimistic and upbeat, energetic pop summer track with ambient plucks, modern piano chords and catchy uplifting vocal chops is perfect for Radio/TV advertising, traveling, life-style, sports, corporate presentations, private videos, commercials, slideshows and much more..

Guitar Pop

Holiday – Positive and fresh summer pop dance track with acoustic guitar and catchy melody! Perfect for radio, TV, advertising, private videos and much more!

Minimal Ambient Corporate Background

Motivational, fresh and clean trendy corporate track is perfect for your presentations, videos, exhibitions, slide show, promotional video, advertising, info-graphics and more… Both Wav and Mp3 versions a Included in the Archive Light, background, bright, positive and inspiring music with muted g...

Aspire Corporate Motivational Upbeat

Aspire – Motivational, bright, catchy corporate track, with muted guitar, piano and gentle atmospheric pad on the background! Perfect for any media project!

Summer Upbeat & Energetic Fun Pop

Summer Upbeat & Energetic Fun Pop Happy – Optimistic and upbeat, energetic pop dance track with catchy whistle melody combination with energetic electric guitar and uplifting drive synths in chorus section is perfect for Radio/TV advertising, traveling, life-style, sports, corporate presentatio...

Tropical Summer

Tropical Summer - Positive and happy, Tropical Summer Pop track with a catchy melody! Perfect for Radio, TV, advertising, private videos and more…


Tokyo Tokyo – Stylish modern and fresh track is perfect for advertise, TV, radio, fashion, and much more! Both mp3 and Wav a included in the Archive! Thank you for purchasing this Product! Have a nice day!

Make An Impact

An inspiring corporate-styled track with cinematic percussion, electric guitar, and synth pads to create a powerful soundscape. Perfect for any type of business media, advertising campaigns, social media content, and more.

Light Cinematic Indie Folk

A bright background music track, featuring smooth acoustic guitars, mellow organ, easy electric piano, relaxed drums and bass. Perfect for documentaries, commercials and advertising, corporate, travel videos, slideshows, vlogs, teaser and trailer, web page, youtube and many more.

Fresh And Fit - Fitness Motivation Trap

Futuristic, high-powered, motivational and hard-hitting future bass trap audio background! It has a great build up, grizzly bass, thunderous brass and atmospheric synths, all topped up with earth-shattering drums! Perfect for Tech tutorials, Action Sports, , Boxing, Auto vlogs, Tutorials, Fitness,...

Kids Fun

Motivational, fun, uplifting, optimistic, positive, happy, joyful, emotional inspirational corporate pop track with acoustic and electric guitars, piano, playful bells, bass guitar, and rhythmic beats with hands clapping. Is a fun and upbeat track with a feel-good mood. Perfect for TV shows, commerc...

Designer Apparel

An atmospheric and stylish electronic music track. It features synths, drums, percussion and vocal effects. Perfect for fashion video content, urban footage, vlogging, advertising, commercials, marketing, branding, promotional videos, technology, travel videos, or sports.

Building Emotional Inspiration

A confident, engaging modern orchestral track, featuring pop piano, light short strings, expressive string melodies, pulsating textures and big drums. Starting with emotive piano chords, multiple levels of build, many edit points, leading to an epic climax. Facing challenges, reaching goals, overcom...

Building Engaging Inspiration

A determined, motivational orchestral track, featuring light piano, energetic short strings, expressive string melodies, playful percussion and epic drums. Starting with a simple but catchy motif, multiple levels of build, many edit points, leading to a sweeping climax. Facing challenges, reaching g...

Exotic Beach

A chillout Future Bass track that expresses the night of a city near an exotic beach. The song has a flowy groovy vibe, incorporates ethnic instruments such as dulcimer, with deep flowed future bass, electronica drums, foleys, and female vocal chops.
Yann Keerim
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