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Happy Fun Clap Ukulele | Children Animal Food |

This positive music track is great for advertising, children, cartoon, kids, video, tutorial, explainer, educational, school, business, radio, slideshow, presentation, background music, tv commercials, good life videos, summer, vlog, home videos, family videos, pet and animal videos, vacation, promo...

ABC Alphabet Song

Calm and soothing rendition of the famous children's song used to teach children the alphabet. Male choir and delicate piano with some strings pads and music box. Peaceful, lullaby mood.

Little Wallflower

Fun and Quirky Orchestral Comedy track for your project! it features strings, woodwinds and oercussion. Perfect for commercial, advertisement, youtube, kids videos, video games and cooking. Enjoy!

Dark Goddess

A very atmospheric orchestral theme with a hint of mystery and intrigue. It features a strong, doomy French Horn melody with rotating flute phrases, gives this piece a feel of a classic cinematic theme introducing a powerful character held in great esteem. This is a dark, fantasy style atmospheri...

Our Quirky Project

Quirky, jumpy, piece featuring a variety of comic instrumental phrases. Pizzacato strings, marimba and low bassoon compete throughout with quick, comic sounding phrases. The added percussive oddities give add to the overall silly flavour. This is a cartoon-like piece that is useful for documentary f...

Robotic Technology

An experimental, organic and electronic hybrid track, featuring guitar noise, odd metal percussion and one of a kind sounddesign. Styled for factual documentary background and science and technology underscore. For ads, promo, commercials, corporate, youtube videos and media projects about scientifi...

Hush Little Baby

The tender, delicate classic „Hush Little Baby“ in a simple, calming version played on a music box. Sweet, dreamy and peaceful, associated with babies, bedtime, sleep. Perfect for all kinds of baby and children projects, advertising, animation, commercials, cartoons, videos, slideshows, youtube.

Are You Sleeping

The tender, delicate classic „Are You Sleeping“ in a simple, calming version played on a music box. Also known as "Frère Jacques", "Bruder Jakob", "Fra' Martino"... Sweet, dreamy and peaceful, associated with babies, bedtime, sleep. Perfect for all kinds of baby and children projects, advertisi...

The Small Captain

A captain sailing the seas on an adventure. He's seen many cool things like whales, dolphins and visited inhabited islands. But now he's on a journey crossing the ocean to visit his friends on the other side of the world. It's a upbeat rocking waltz with brass instruments, woodwinds, violins, harp ...

Tea Party

Image a living kettle working in a cosy kitchen preparing everything for a nice afternoon tea. Boiling water, baking cookies & muffins, getting al the tea cups and cutlery in order on the rolling tray. With the barrel organ, pizzicatos and flutes it's a happy tune that kids will love.

Shadow game

Inspired by the old Kabuki theatre, this piece has a traditional and minimalistic oriental style. Used instruments involve a koto, and ehru. Describing the journeys and lives of the fishermen on his fishing junk, the koi fish and the crane bird that have a symbiotic relationship.

Rain Dance

The rain falls down from the sky and brings life to the flower seeds hidden in the ground. Growing from their stems a beautiful flower appears. The xylophone plays the magical part of the rain (being the bringer of life). The orchestration is fairly simple with some marimba and a warm dark bass.

Feast of numbers

Happy barrel organ song with pizzicato and a violin. It was created to learn toddlers how to count, hence the name Feast of numbers.

Creature Butterfly

A happy bouncy instrumental song about two unlikely friends with a happy grand finale. The pizzicato strings are the engine of the song. The flute is playing the bouncey bits. It has some simple but effective counter-melodies to give the song its grand finale.

Action Painting

Simple happy dance tune created for kids on the rhythm of a Bossa Nova with celestas and a saxophone.
Yann Keerim
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