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‘Epilogue’ is exactly what its title suggests. I wanted to bring a closure to this musical exploration with a free improvisation, over a hypnotic set of bowed basses. I thought that it would be nice to finish this album with the feeling that it comes back to where it started, that is with the na...

Grinding Game

I don’t know where the title for this one came from, I guess there is a sense of playfulness but also of a certain struggle in the theme of the track. It is based on Arabic music, especially the music of the Arabian peninsula, with its microtonal melody and its African-like syncopation. My good fr...


Electro-Funk Dance energy and fun with catchy 70s brass refrain. Action-packed adventures with a powerful driving high-energy impact. Commercial Promo Beach Infomercial Party Radio.

Something Peculiar

Very classical symphonic adventure track. Opens rather eery and mysterious but evolving with sparse orchestration and string arrangement into a full beautiful instrumental track. Mid part more playful, higher and brighter through interesting runs in the strings and woodwinds, accompanied by brass an...

Strange Hip Hop

Quirky, mysterious hip hop track mixing chamber orchestra pizzicato strings with funky drum beat: an original mixture perfect for odd situations, weird or curious scenes.

Quirky Curious Background

A quirky and playful background music based on marimba patterns and pizzicato strings, with funny themes played by clarinet and celeste suggesting a sense of curiosity and extravagance. A common music style often used in tv programs and documentaries for inquisitive or bizzarre situations.

Box Of Ideas

Rythmic marimba with airy piano and subtle synth pads for this peculiar ambient track. Slighty suspended atmosphere unleashes an idea of curiosity and concentration. Perfect for documentaries, especitally related to science, medicine, education.

VEILED MOON (Drama Mystery) - Stinger version - No Voice

Available in: Main version / 60sec /30 / Stinger; all also with ‘No Voice’ version. A peculiar mix of ambience, classical and electronics. Very emotional soprano voice melody and orchestration that grows to a climax ending. Tense but dreamy. Fantasy, Fairies, seeking the unknown, rising. Jou...
Yann Keerim
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