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Between Waves (Emotional Acoustic) - Stinger

An inspiring and emotional solo fingerstyle royalty free acoustic guitar folk theme with body percussion, best for fun, romantic, nature, timelapse or intro clips!

Overcome (Passionate Acoustic) - Stinger

An inspiring and passionate solo fingerstyle royalty free acoustic guitar folk theme with body percussion, best for fun, romantic, nature, timelapse or intro clips!

Take A Chance (Optimistic Acoustic) - Stinger

An inspiring and optimistic solo fingerstyle royalty free acoustic guitar folk theme with body percussion, best for fun, romantic, nature, timelapse or intro clips!

Field of Dreams (Joyful Acoustic) - Stinger

An inspiring and groovy solo fingerstyle royalty free acoustic guitar folk theme with body percussion, best for fun, romantic, nature, timelapse or intro clips!

MARTIAN BASE (Action Orchestral Battle) - Stinger version

Symphonic confrontational high tension and heroic impact energy in Hollywood style with strong theme. Great for batlles, videogames, movies, trailers. Epic, enchanting and glorious at the same time. Building sections & Breaks.

Depredation [Dramatic Electronic Ambient Aggressive Dark Cinematic] Stinger

Depredation is a modern electronic ambient track evoking dramatic and aggressive emotions. Features various synths sounds melodies and pads, deep sub bass and a steady drum beat with multiple percussions and textures. This music can work great with ads, documentaries, police drama, sports, campaigns...

Bright Opportunity (Stinger)

An upbeat, bouncy & joyful track featuring glockenspiel, acoustic guitar, piano, violins, flute, bass, drums and a great clap track! Suitable for projects, commercials, advertising, marketing campaigns, YouTube videos and more!

Tropical Luxury Stinger

An atmospheric, uplifting, dreamy, and romantic ambient lounge track. With a soft bossa nova beat, an elegant grand piano, and sophisticated orchestral strings, this fancy track is great for travel videos, luxury, resorts, hotels, spas, weddings, real estate, advertising, promo, vlogs, and more. Co...

Romantic Cinematic Inspiring Theme (Stinger)

Cinematic emotional music, suitable for projects who seek music that can describe memories, lost, old age mood, cold landscapes and more. Instruments used: Harp,soundscapes,woodwinds,guitars and some bowed cymbals.

Coastline Views Stinger

An inspiring, uplifting, and beautiful ambient track featuring dreamy electric guitars, electric pianos, and a soft urban beat. With a hopeful vibe, this track is good for travel videos, road trips, beach, surf vlogs, motivational, and inspirational content. Composer: THIAGO POSPICHIL MARQUES (BMI)...

Heartwarming Romantic Corporate Indie Rock (Stinger)

Bright and optimistic music track with beautiful piano, guitars and introspective mood will evoke feelings of happiness and joy. It will work well with corporate videos, business projects, presentations, and commercials.

Put In Work Stinger

An upbeat, energetic, and engaging percussive track featuring drums, stomps, and handclaps in a pulsating and intense rhythm. Great background soundtrack for commercial, advertising, sports, fitness workout, strong, action, and adventure videos. Composer: Thiago Pospichil Marques (BMI) CAE/IPI # 67...

Sunny Day Upbeat Corporate Motivation - TV stinger logo ident

Upbeat and inspiring music filled with positive vibes and good energy. This corporate music features happy electric guitar arpeggio, acoustic guitars, light inspiring piano and energizing synth melody. Great for business promo, corporate presentation, youtube video, podcast music and positive ad cam...

Upbeat Technology Ambient Inspirational Corporate stinger

Upbeat and inspirational music. Clean ambient and positive. This track is energising and inspiring – perfect for your presentation video, corporate media, business advert, podcast background music, news media and more. Tempo 127 BPM Available in full track, beds, no drums, 15, 30 and 60 sec, 1...

Cabin in the Woods Stinger

A beautiful, touching, and inspirational folk ambient track with a cozy, warm, and romantic feeling. Featuring acoustic guitars, cello, and percussion, this track brings an organic and cinematic background for your video, documentary, film, or advertising. Perfect for nature content, aerial views, w...

Break The Road [Sports Indie Rock Energetic Electronic Action Edgy] Stinger

Break The Road is a modern, energetic and upbeat indie rock tune with an edgy and determined feel. Features electric guitar riffs and leads, powerful drums, percussion and stomps, big claps and a deep synth bass. Best for cars, sports, ads, commercials, promotions, reels, presentations, travels, fas...

Passionate Inspiring Americana Indie Rock (Stinger)

This composition features catchy electric guitars with uplifting melodies and driving drums. It evokes feelings of empowerment and inspiration. The music has an uplifting mood and It will certainly work well with motivational and upbeat infomercials.

Inspiring Warm Corporate Presentation - stinger TV spot logo ident

An inspiring, energizing and uplifting music pack. It's perfect to set a positive and motivational mood. It features soft acoustic guitar, elegant electric guitars, grand piano, and glockenspiel. Great for inspiring projects including corporate presentations, slideshows, tutorials and business video...

Motivational Music Achieving Success TV stinger

Motivate your listener with this great motivational tune. Motivate and inspire with this positive and upbeat track - designed to grab the attention of the listener. Perfect for your next presentation video or commercial advert. It features driving beat, stylish guitar, piano, pads and uplifting stri...

Success Inspiration Upbeat Corporate Pop stinger

Uplifting and positive corporate pop - packed with positive energy setting and inspirational and motivational mood. It features happy guitar arpeggios, warm pads, forward driving piano, uplifting strings and acoustic drums. This music is perfect for your corporate presentation video, unboxing yout...
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