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My Blue Piano - cool music stinger edit

Cool, smooth and confident gentleman! Acoustic instrumental background music featuring warm jazz piano, groovy acoustic bass and percussion. Elegant groove sets a carefree and laid back mood – great for positive promo and commercial spots and TV and film scenes of elegance and confident cooln...

Corporate Inspiring Motivational (exiting promo stinger edit)

Driving and upbeat motivational background instrumental music in the vein of Coldplay feauturing energetic U2 like guitars, beautiful acoustic guitar and triumphant grand piano creating a mood of success, confidence and victory. Great for corporate promo, advertising, presentations and commercials. ...

Upbeat Inspiring Positive Free - exiting stinger

Uplifting and airy background instrumental music featuring light piano, warm, joyful strings and exiting guitars - creating a positive and motivational mood. Great as background music in corporate business presentations, commercials, ad campaigns and promotion as well as happy and inspiring scenes. ...

Inspiration Motivation Corporate Uplifting - exiting motivational stinger

Driving, elegant and acoustic corporate music with a positive and inspiring mood. Light guitar, subtle drums and warm acoustic piano makes it great for business presentations, forward motion music, corporate promos and commercials. Simple, success, motivation, mellow music bed, optimistic, triumphan...

Free Happy Motivational Corporate - short positive stinger

Bright and positive background instrumental music with a care free and happy mood. Driving energetic guitars, simple acoustic guitar melody and optimistic piano. Great for corporate presentations, business promo, infomercial, comercial, campaign, phone on hold, TV for toddler, family and children. ...

Driving Inspiring Corporate Success - stinger edit

Uplifting and positive corporate background instrumental feauturing driving gritty guitar arpeggio, warm majestic piano, smooth synth and acoustic strings. This motivational music creates an atmosphere of success, winning, achieving, innovation and inspiration. Great for business presentation videos...

Simple Inspiration Positive Piano Glockenspiel - exiting stinger

Free, fresh, friendly and happy instrumental tune featuring simple glockenspiel melody, bouncy muted guitars, hand clap and shimmerring acoustic piano creating a uplifting and optimistic mood. Great for corporate videos, background music, business presentations and inspiring and motivational media....

Warm Happy Smooth Free - short positive stinger

Bright and happy instrumental music featuring bouncy guitar, warm acoustic guitars, soft glockenspiel melody, and mellow piano – sets a positive and carefree mood. Great for joyful scenes with family and children, inspiring presentations, advertising and corporate promos. Summer, joy, uplift...

Uplifting Inspiring Bright Positive - positive stinger

Improve your corporate business presentation video with the right music. This background instrumental tune is light, happy and sparkling with optimism. Perfect for inspiring and motivational presentations, ad campaigns and innovative and positive promos. Increase your changes of a succesfull outcome...

Our Best Days (stinger)

Hopeful and retro styled rocksong. Trendy sound for modern background applications.

Follow Me (stinger)

Positive and optimistic song with electric guitars, piano, glockenspiel and drums. Suits perfect in any motivational and uplifting project. Available as full and background version.

Anxious Suspanse Tension Expectance - Stinger version

Anxious expectance background electro-acoustic, good for many suspanse or tension situations: quiz, game show, thriller, crime scene or soft horror. Not loud but rhytmic. Available in: main version / no lead melodies / 60sec / 75sec / Bumper / Stinger. Anticipating Dark Tension Quiz Suspense Myste...

Electro Pop Mistery Tension - Stinger version

Dark landscape & eerie suspanse in slow tempo with rhythm section sustain. Medium soft track with building structure, good for light tension and mysteriuos situations, or psychological thriller, crime in progress and Sci-fi. Intro; A (20/33); A1 piano theme (34/1.01); 2nd building (1.02/1.21); A1...

Orchestral Army Epic Action - Stinger version

Symphonic orchestral sound, powerful and dynamic, great for heroic action, tension epic, confrontational, battlescene, adventures. Also good for tension mystery & crime in progress, or epic sport challenge. Building structure & breaks; music theme not invasive and solid orchestration Available i...

Orchestral Hybrid Gothic Tim Burton - Stinger version

Symphonic orchestra and choirs (only Ah & Oh) to recall atmospheres of Elfman & Tim Barton’s movies, with some electronics added (available also a pure orchestral version). Mysterious & gothic but also rhytmic tensive & powerful, with a suggestive music theme. Great for fantasy scenes, goth...

Colors Of The World (Stinger)

Inspiring and Emotional Pop-Rock music track with a bluesy touch. Acoustic guitars and percussion with bass guitar and soft drums. This track is great for commercials, TV series, advertising and more.

Cool Pop-Rock Tune (Stinger)

Exciting Pop/Rock track with cool guitars, bass, percussion, and drums. Positive and Happy music that will be a great fit for commercials, movies, presentations, product promos and much much more. Inspiring music that will guide you and your project to success.

Emotional Melodic Rock Ballad (Stinger)

Inspiring and emotional Blues-Rock. Beautiful guitar melodies and solos, bass, percussion and soft drums. Great for films, videos, TV and documentaries, travel scenes, open roads, relationships and personal achievement topics.

Funky Drive (Stinger)

Groovy Funk composition featuring guitars with various effects including wah-wah and phaser, layered rhythm and solo electric guitars, playful bass and energetic drums. Exciting and cool music track great for commercials, TV, dancing, YouTube videos and more.

Happy For You (Stinger)

Happy, joyous, upbeat and fun music track featuring Ukulele, acoustic guitars, bells, organ, percussion, bass and drums. Bright and fresh composition perfect for TV commercials, YouTube videos, Corporate and business projects, new product promos and other uses. Catchy and exciting melodies will sure...

Happy Time (Stinger)

Upbeat, energetic and driving Pop/Rock music track with uplifting guitars, bass, percussion and drums. Exciting and Happy music that will be great for commercials, movies, presentations, product promos and much more. Successful music that will inspire and guide you to success.
Yann Keerim
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