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Unconnected Oneness

Perfect track for action video and sport commercials, extreme TV show and much more.

Lets Rock

Cool rock track with a powerful vibe. Cool for any type of advertising, sport presentation and as a background in film

Energetic Rock Trailer

Powerful rock blues track with catchy and energetic electric guitar riffs, epic stomps, cinematic transitions and addictive drums and percussions. This music was composed special for action and sport related videos: trailer, advertising, highlights video, commercial, video games and much more.

The march of Freedom

Glorious and motivating music track with powerful instrumentation to connect with the soul and feel the winds of Freedom within us. It will certainly work well with films, TV, corporate videos, business projects, presentations, documentaries, commercials, YouTube videos & more

Sport Action

This action packed track is all about energy, adrenaline, power, risking it all and winning the game, being an ideal fit for sport promos, commercials and such. Instruments used to create this energetic powerful mood were: electric guitars, drums and bass, synths and pads, custom sounding vocal loop...

Metal Sports

Agressive powerful hard rock / heavy metal track, with low tuned distorted guitars, bass and heavy drums. Perfect for extreme sports, racing, action videos, soundtracks, advertising and much more.

Melodic Metal

This is a rock / metal track full of low tuned guitars and powerful drums. It has three different patterns, making it evolve, and has a rather melodic character. Perfect for extreme sports, racing, action videos, soundtracks, advertising and much more.

Criminal Damage

This is powerful and rapid electronic cinematic rock piece with gritty and raw energy for action, racing, extreme, sports, fight or competition videos. Consists of hard drum beat, distorted horns, heavy guitars , cello and cinematic elements to bring more epic vibe.
Yann Keerim
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