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Upbeat Corporate

An exclusive background corporate motivational soundtrack, inspiring, business work, team spirit, energy, uplifting and positive. Best for commercial advertising video, infographic, corporate presentation or speech, interview background music.

Good teamwork

A light corporate composition with guitars, electric pianos, bass and percussion, creating a calm atmosphere and a cheerful mood. In combination with corporate, advertising, business videos, positive, happy and successful projects, etc.

Days Full Of Sunshine - Inspirational Light Rock

Motivational, light, inspirational and highly powerful corporate audio background with a tremendously easy listening atmosphere! Perfect for corporate explainers and tutorials, movie trailers, travel vlogs, tech tutorials, gaming intros, sport documentaries, wedding videos, photography vlogs and ...

Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking is a building, uplifting and motivational instrumental song. Perfect for positive promotion and commercials.

No Limits

High power energy rock track. Ideal for web videos, advertising, sports, travel, trailers, youtube, tv, action movies, commercials and team building.

Corporate Success

Inspiring corporate business track, perfect background music for projects, video presentations, TV, radio, podcasts, commercials, social media and much more. The track begins with a catchy piano riff that builds to an upbeat feel good melody . Recorded with MIDI piano, bass, guitar and percussion

Technological Breakthrough (30 Sec)

Confident and serious tech background music with mute guitar, fat bass, piano and percussion. Perfect for any video about technology, science, artificial intelligence, new corporations, presentations, infographics, information, strategy, innovation, corporate projects, and more.
Yann Keerim
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