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By The Ocean

Epic music for trailer with brass, drums and orchestra. Powerful heroic soundtrack for your movie, video, game of YouTube channel. High quality epic trailer from audiojungle by StudioKolomna. Epic Intro for your film, teaser, opener

Energetic Action Drums and Stomps

'Energetic Action Drums and Stomps' this is an energetic and powerful epic drum track, consisting of different drums, percussion, claps and stomps. It is perfectly suited to emphasize sport and action vieos, action-packed commercials, films, Youtube videos, games, intros etc..

Forest Hunt (Horror Thriller)

Horror-Thriller classical action and tension for orchestra. Tense, building with hit points.

Edge Of The Blade (Epic Adventure)

Symphonic dangerous epic. Tensive confrontational and heroic impact energy. Enchanting and glorious at the same time.

Crusades (Epic Adventure)

Orchestral slow force growing to the reach of heroic discovery adventure enterprise.

Shocking Revelation

A Suspenseful tension drone track with pulsating synths, arps, wobbling textures, and gritty plucks to give a sense of dread and danger. Great for news, horror, drama, mystery, and suspense content

Night Escape (Tension Suspense)

Dark landscape & eerie suspense in slow tempo for orchestra. Good for tension mysterious situations or psychological thriller & crime in progress.

War Lord (Tension Epic)

Orchestra and Choirs for a symphonic confrontational high tension energy. Epic powerful gothic action great for heroic tension, battle, adventures.


A forceful and tense heavy metal logo track. It features an electric guitar with overdrive and punchy drums. Perfect for intro/outro video sequences, short ads, broadcasting, trailers, teasers, action movies, video game content, commercials that portray intensity, speed and adrenaline, extreme sport...

New Hip Hope

This is an orchestral hip hop and cinematic track. It gives a sense of struggle , hope and fight.

Building The Tower

A suspenseful, orchestral hybrid track, featuring insisting strings, epic brass, tickling ethnic percussion and huge drums. Styled for factual documentary background and historical and news underscore. For ads, promo, commercials, corporate, trailer, youtube videos and media projects about history, ...

Action Orchestra

Beautiful, powerful, and inspirational trailer! Music is perfect for historical films, movies about superheroes, trailers, teasers, intro, games and many other projects! 3 Versions Included 1. Full track (1:48) 2. Medium length (1:10) 3. Short length (0:27)

Stranger Danger

A dark and heavy electropunk track with fast gritty male vocals, driving distorted guitars and bass, and electronic drums and synths. Big, edgy, and angst driven about urban hostility and dangers

Hot Summer Fun

This is a royalty-free pop track that features acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums and percussion elements. The mood is laidback and sunshiny. Perfect for entertainment videos, advertisement, presentations and a lot more.
Yann Keerim
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