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Study in B minor

A recording of Fernando Sor’s ‘Study in Bm’. This is a solo classical guitar piece which is ideal for giving an intimate feel. Fernando Sor was born in Barcelona, so this track makes a great link to the city.

Oriental Middle East Arabic

Authentic background epic instrumental composition with deep oriental strings, passion oud, groovy ethnic darbuka. Inspired with traditional arabian musical mood. This background track perfect for middle east background video projects, travel videos, Arabian commercial and documentary, culture video...

Because of You

This beautiful and simple melody really captures the feelings of love, longing, hope and has a positive spin on the human spirit. It will uplift you and energize your soul. This is a perfect track for sending a message of bright days ahead. Longing to see the future. Looking to do great things. Sign...

Beans & Coffee

A soft ambient rock theme with a dramatic guitar melody

Barren Land

ambient drone with ethnic arabian female vocalizing

Bad Dream

An eerie atmosphere with tension building up.

Backroads Electric

A country rock shuffle with fender rhodes piano and electric guitar

Backroads 01 (loop)

An uptempo funny cowboy theme with mouth harp,electric guitar, violin and violin.

Back in those days

a throwback to the sixties with 'Beatles' sounding instrumentation

Bacardi Rumset (loop)

A medium tempo reggae tune with acoustic guitar and pan vibes.

Funky Jam

''Funky Jam'' has a great groove, you can hear lots of electric guitars, electro piano, scratch, analog synth, brass section and cool bass lines. Great for slideshows, travels films, TV shows for presentations, adverts, YouTube videos and more.

Atmospheric Groove 01 (Loop)

A moderate ambient corporate groove with soft synth textures and a slow developing groove.

Ambient Ethnic 01

A pensive ambient dreamy underscore with Arabian female vocals

African Ghost (Loop)

A medium tempo African theme with chanting, ethnic flute and traditional percussion

Acrobatic Manouver (loop)

A medium tempo electronic underscore with gated and pulsating synths

Acoustic Trio 10

an old fashioned rock'n roll theme with contrabass, saxophone and piano

Acoustic Trio 04

A joyful romantic theme acoustic guitar and acoustic piano.

12-8 Summer Acoustics

A spacious acoustic theme with country influences. Acoustic piano combined with strumming acoustic guitars and slide guitar

5th Layers

Slowly evolving ambient corporate theme with funky guitars, soft pads, acoustic piano and a break out chorus
Yann Keerim
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