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Passionate piano and strings piece, very emotional and a strong sense of longing.

Fresh Play

Modern Pop track with solid beat and catchy, quirky synths. Great for teenage scene.

Mind Ring

Mysterious and ethereal, featuring looped hypnotic morphing melody, light ethnic Duduk and dark textures that create suspense.

Loosing my Way

Groovy and laidback track with a mellow underground hip-hop feel. Featuring flowing electric piano, electric guitar, synthesizer and strings samples that create a confident, chill mood.

Free Spirit

Flowing Alternative Rock track with solid beat and edgy, raw, catchy guitars.

Freak Show

Strange synths, sfx and percussion create this unusual arrangement. Great for horror, suspense or sci fi scene.


Dynamic and powerful orchestral track with various sections. Pizzicato strings take the lead. Gripping and tense atmosphere.

Frantic Keys

Emotional piano and strings piece. Mysterious and flowing, with various sections.


Modern Dance Club track with lively beat and catchy synths. Cool, energetic and dynamic.

First Strike

Upbeat powerful Hip Hop/Pop track with cool synths and catchy samples. Very groovy and edgy

Finding Some Hope

Very groovy track with piano, solid drum beat and cool synths. Gradually builds into emotional/sensuous guitar solo, then returning to original groove. This track has a general feeling of optimism and hope with a little mystery!

Figure A Way

Cool, laid-back groove, wtih edgy electric guitars and flowing spacious synths.

Fighting Chance

Dramatic, hard-hitting, suspenseful track with dark synths, guitar and solid beat. Tense and mysterious


Driving, funky alternative rock track with rawnchy guitars, bass and solid drums.

Festive Cheer

Modern original christmas theme with piano, strings and gentle percussion. Childish and emotional.

Feeling Optimistic

Modern Pop track with emotional & inspiring feel over strong drum groove. Romantic and uplifting throughout with sexy guitar solo after 2nd chorus. Great for background music.

Feelin' Sexy

Sexy modern dance track with solid groove and quirky synths. Upbeat, comical and fun.

Feel The Track

Spacious, open track with cool, laid-back drum groove, flowing synths and acoustic guitars.

Feel It

Modern Alternative Rock track with raw guitars and cool drum & bass groove.

Far Dimension

Flowing, ambient soundscape with atmospheric synths, percussion and spacey sound effects. Suitable for sci fi scene.

Family Gathering

Modern Christmas theme with bells, strings and gentle percussion. Also suitable for children scene.
Yann Keerim
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