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Ragnarök - Epic Viking Action

A powerful and intense track with an ancient and tribal vibe featuring viking vocals, nordic instruments such as the tagelharpa or the jaw harp and bombastic war percussions. Great fit for history and period documentaries, video games, trailers and fantasy projects. Themes : war, action, tribal cul...

Vintage Indie Rock

This is an upbeat and uplifting indie rock track that is groovy and has vintage vibes. It features electric guitars, organ, trumpets, background indie vocals, bass and drums. It is perfect as background music for a variety of projects like commercials, advertisements, promos, TV shows, documentaries...

Cinematic Interstellar

Cinematic Interstellar is a cinematic ambient piano and pads in crescendo. For documentaries, Sci Fy movies, space movies…

Documentary Intrigue

An alley, a crime scene, or a spy atmosphere. everything is there for an atmosphere of intrigue. violins and rhythms full of mystery with a cymbalum theme.

Epic Sci-Fi Adventure

A musical adventure with classical electronic music, mixing arpeggiators and synphonic orchestra, with an ethnic voice.

Opening Cinematic

Classic opening, or grand orchestra finale, ideal for video games, adventure movies or trailers.

Cinematic Apocalypse Action & Tension

Stock music track with no royalties for video creation, commercial, or personal usage. Slow and melodic, Cinematic Atmospheric Apocalypse features piano and strings.

Epic Orchestral Uplifting Cinematic Inspiring

Stunning, dramatic, solemn, and inspiring! This music is ideal for historical films, trailers, teasers, intros, games, and a variety of other projects.

Emotional Cinematic Heartbeat

pause Looped Download Preview Beautiful piano, soaring strings, and forceful percussion make for an inspiring, cinematic backdrop tune. Trailers, commercials, advertisements, YouTube videos, and other projects that require an inspirational and emotional underpinning are ideal candidates. Versions ...

The Unstoppable Horde - Dramatic Action Trailer

A royalty free piece of epic and dramatic trailer music, using stacccato strings and brass, cinematic buzzing horns and trombones, powerful trailer drums and percussion a choir, pulsing synth arps and trailer sfx. Great for action movies and games, war movies and games, chasing scenes and mny more.
Yann Keerim
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