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Celebration Time

Uplifting track with happy go lucky celebratory feel. Driving drums, guitar and catchy synths.

Calata Ala Spagnola

Elegant, dreamy baroque piece with authentic instrumentation

Breath It In

Delicate, dreamy ambient piece with floating, spacious synth pads. Great for spacey, new age, meditation background music.

Being Positive

Uplifting electroinic track with feel-good, happy go lucky atmosphere.

Beautiful Way To End

Epic, triumphant stinger with grand orchestral arrangements and electronic instruments. Great for scene change/ending...

Beautiful Angel

Haunting, emotional tune with piano, bells and light sweeping pads.

Back Street Chase

Mysterious electronic track with driving percussion and dark, atmospheric synths.

Awaiting The Fate

Dramatic film score track with gripping arrangments over pulsating percussion.

Ambient Space

Atmospheric ambient piece with light percussion, pipes and cool synths.

A Truly Powerful Force

A dramatic Action/Adventure track with gothic choir, driving drum groove and full orchestra. A truly epic, triumphant piece!

A Little Sneaky

A quirky film score piece with intricate arrangements.

Uncertain Emotions

Dark, mysterious orchestral piece with suspenseful cinematic arrangements. Building throughout...

Tripping The Mind Out

Hardcore, edgy modern Dance Club track with driving beat, vocal samples and trippy, catchy synths.

Tranquility Of Life

Beautiful, delicate piano piece with piano and light strings. Emotional and thoughtful atmosphere...

Tranced Out

Trippy Dance Pop track with solid groove and mysterious pads / synths. Builds gradually throughout...

Toward The Horizon

Atmospheric, groovy electronic track with cool groove, ambient synths and catchy synths. Futuristic, uplifting feel.

There Was A Time

Quirky Disney-style orchestral track with magical childish feel.

The Swinging Years

Carefree and sophisticated swinging jazz piece with classic old-time sound!
Yann Keerim
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