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Gamelan Tribal Ceremony

Gamelan Tribal Ceremony is an atmospheric tribal soundscape with ritualistic ambience featuring gamelan orchestra, percussions, low bone horns, and various fx. Great fit for geographic documentaries, antropology projects, vlogs, meditative and abstract videos, investigation videos, experimental and...

Emotional Inspiring Piano

Beautiful, inspiring, calm and emotional piano music. An excellent choice for your project. Perfect for a romantic video, family album, wedding videos, etc.

Flight into Asteroids (Driving Synth Arpeggio Environment)

Driving, atmospheric sound environment that creates tension. Technical, mystical mood. Fits well with space scenes, documentaries etc.

Star Travel (Space Electronic Journey)

Bell-like synth figure with softly played melodies and synth bass. Well suited for short scene, menus and presentations

Orbitals (Space Electronic Journey)

Futuristic rhythms, wide space and the beauty of infinity. Pure synth track, suitable for quiet, futuristic scenes

Million Light Years (Hybrid Cinematic Trailer Story)

The flight through our solar system or to other galaxies. This piece of music with its wide synth pads, bass figures, melodic strings and soulful piano accompany you

Promise (Cinematic Trailer Story)

A hybrid piece of music with catchy melodies. Staccato violins, driving rhythms and lush basses. Can be used for trailers and credits

Facelift (Uplifting Electronic)

Hopeful thoughtful electro track. Driving beat, various synth figures, analog bass run and effects culminate in climax

Inescapable Truth (Uplifting Electronic Beat)

Modern electronic track. Carried lead synth with futuristic beat and catchy melody tires in a climax

Ingenious Machines (Electronic Trailer Story)

Whether image film, presentation or the presentation of the latest technical innovations. Modern synths and drum rhythms, synth structures and supporting leads convey the feeling of determination and strength

Beautiful Reef (Positive and Uplifting Orchestral Story)

This panoramic hybrid track takes you on a dive through an overwhelming coral reef. Lush strings accompanied by powerful horns, pulsating synth bass and filigree percussion paint this picture

Dragon or Dinosaurs (Uplifting Good Mood Cinematic)

A harmonious piece of music that invites you to dream. Strings and Harp Intro open into a rhythm part. Versatile

Warming Colors (Pulsating Electronic)

Pulsating bass, melodic wide lead synth, electronic beat. 1:04 change into analog bass synth part. 2:17 Parts without beat with bass drone
Yann Keerim
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