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EDM Fashion

EDM Fashion is a modern edm club track with drum, bass, piano and energetic arpeggio synths. Ideal for fashion, lifestyle and travel videos, and various types of advertisements.

Background Urban

Background urban is a musical genre that combines elements of hip-hop and electronic music. It is rhythmic, dynamic and modern music, which creates an urban and trendy atmosphere. This musical genre is ideal for illustrating commercial videos which aim to attract a young and trendy audience, by high...


Perfect for beauty blogs, sport, fitness, festivals, advertising videos, videohive projects, presentations and openers!

Nostalgic Piano

A sentimental and nostalgic piano piece with a beautiful melody. Perfect for documentaries, home videos, baby videos, and any project that requires an emotional vibe.

The Jade Forest

The jade forest appears before my eyes, a resplendent green. We then feel the magic that sets in with the piano and the warm strings.


Epic music for trailer with brass, drums, choir and full orchestra. Powerful heroic soundtrack for your movie, video, youtube channel play.


Uplifting, modern, inspiring, futuristic and positive electro music with punchy energetic drums and bright, cool synthwave for tech, digital, sports, sci-fi projects, high tech, presentation, ambient background, commercial and advertising.

Fashion Dance Pop Summer

Fashion Dance Pop Summer is an easy and laid back electronic/pop track that can be used in fashion and beauty product videos.

Dance of the Galaxy

The stars dance to this rhythm. Let yourself be tempted to illustrate your videos on this intergalactic journey.

Background Project

A light, upbeat, corporate, background, motivational music track with a pleasant, calm, inspiring, innovative and peaceful mood. Electronic sounds, guitars, piano, strings, pad. This track is perfect for corporate projects, advertising, radio, TV, trailers, innovation videos, presentation, technolog...

A Dream

Beautiful electronic ambient with modern vocal sampling and arpeggiators.

80's Power Trailer

The "80's Power Trailer" is a powerful and futuristic trailer, in which retro 80's and modern elements are combined. This is a great trailer for 80s inspired movies "TRON" genre, games, websites for cyberspace or virtual reality scenes. Vibe of this track - determined, loud, epic, grand, futuristic.
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