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Composer / performer, specialized in musical dressing, image music and more particularly in commercial music, TV documentaries and TV reports. My musical universe is a mixture of neoclassical, electro, action and melancholic music. If you are looking for image music for a TV report, an original title for a documentary, a sound identity for an advertisement, a TV credits, a musical design for a corporate film, a radio or the web, browse our collections.

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Science Technology Ambient Background

Relaxing Positive Calm and Inspirational ambient background music for presentatations, explainers, tutorials, unboxing videos, documentary, informative, infographic, promo videos, photo slideshow, weddings

Ambient Disco

Disco Dance funk R&B groove. Concepts - Club, culture, dance, beat, DJ, Mixing, people, Dancing, Nightime ,Weekend,fun, disco, funk, soul ,r&b ,underscore, background, beat,bass drum ,funky, keyboards, media, dance, floor.

Electronic Piano Technology

Positive and powerful instrumental music with electro synth lines and powerful drum beat.

Inception Trailer

Neoclassical style with a piano theme, ostinatos of violins and big Wagnerian sounds mixed with arpeggiators. Very powerful music.

Spirit of Destruction

Atmosphere of intrigue, brought later by a rhythm that ends in self-destruction.

Reverse Spirit

Stunning music with its inverted intro. Then comes a nice arppeggiator in a soft and relaxing atmosphere.

Mysterious Ethnic Voice

Here is a haunting music with a powerful rhythm, above it comes a mysterious ethnic voice.

Inspiring Corporate and Motivational Technology

This track is designed for business presentations, innovative videos, tech presentations, websites, motivational infographics, celebrity blogs, and even fashion projects.

Ambient Stellar Cloud Space

Suddenly a cloud appears in this nebula. We are drawn irremediably. Sounds powerful, rhythmic and dotted with endless loops.

Fashion Vibe

Eye-catching, on-trend, powerful Fashion trailer. Suitable for fashion shows, advertising, presentation, promoting your brand or product. Also a perfect choice to use in trailer, background for sports videos, intro, starter, video beehive, montage, commercials, etc

Dance Loop Future Pop

Pop dance loop future video game music background for your projects. Perfect music to create a futuristic pop dance atmosphere.

Ancient Voice

Ancient Voice is a beautiful and alluring ethnic song in a modern style. Background music for videos, travel, documentaries, oriental themes, adventures, vlogs, promotional videos, websites, social networks, for business projects, etc.

Deep Tech Ambient

High tech ambient background music. This calm and peaceful track will be suitable for technology presentations, documentary soundtracks, animation and computer graphics videos, high-tech commercials corporate films, science, nature, health, humanities films. architecture and design.

Space Dance Pop

Upbeat, fashionable, uplifting, corporate, motivating song with elements of deep house, pop and fashion music.

ambient stellar cloud space

Suddenly a cloud appears in this nebula. We are drawn irremediably. Sounds powerful, rhythmic and dotted with endless loops.
Yann Keerim
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