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In order to provide our customers with top quality services, we are in constant search for new artists.

We are not accepting submissions through CD’s. Please send us online links to your music.Our standard composer deal offers:

  • Non exclusive – no time restriction contract. You may sell your music anywhere and you may disable your account with us at any time.
  • Real time statistics for your sales – available 24/7.
  • 43% commission on sales.
  • Payments via Paypal or Money Transfer.
  • A State-of-the-Art Control Panel for our composers. Once you get accepted you get access to our innovative CPanel where you can organize your content – upload tracks any time without hassle. Music is online 24hours after upload.

We review all music tracks submitted to us. Our library is not open. All composers need to send us links to their music so we can evaluate if they could fit to our library.

In case your music is accepted, an agreement between and the artist will follow.

We currently accept links to your music only via:

  • Soundcloud
  • Spotify

All other forms of music submissions (links to personal website, other libraries, Dropbox, Drive) are currently not supported.

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