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Under The Sky

Perfect for KickStarter campaigns, commercials, business projects, vacation videos, vlogs, YouTube videos, lifestyle and travel, startup videos, fashion, radio, TV, films, trailers, action movie trailers, games, sports, epic projects, motivational and inspirational videos, advertising and moreā€¦

Power Of The Glory

A rising, cinematic royalty free orchestral music theme with piano bits, strings, big choirs and epic hits, great for sports openers, action trailers, intros, battle or fantasy contents.

Power Up

A bright and uplifting track perfect for travelling montages and and energetic themes. Track breaks down into LoFi piano middle break before building back up to the main theme. Two versions provided with the option for a filtered introduction for a more exciting track.

Rise And Hit

Driving, cinematic, orchestral music for action, battle, fantasy and adventure themes. Also great for pc game underscore. Featuring calm piano intro, building strings and powerful percussions.

Is Trap Hip Hop Beat Music

Modern and energetic trap track with trendy beat! Music is perfect for Trailers, Openers, For Vlogs , Videos About Sports, Trainings, Exteme, WorkOut, Bodybuilding, Fights, Videos About Travels, Cars & Motocyles, Urban & StreetLife, Youth Advertising , Soundtrack For Games And Movies, TV and Radio ...

Epic Piano and Orchestra

Epic motivational orchestral track. Starting with piano, then strings, building up, to the epic orchestral with choir. This track may be incorporated into various types of media applications, including, but not limited to commercials, inspirational projects, film television, motivational videos, and...

Greatest Ascendancy [Cinematic Orchestral Epic Fearless Adventure]

Greatest Ascendancy is a fearless orchestral track with stately strings and daring percussion. Inspirational, epic, motivational, adventure style. A grandiose, stunning experience. Perfect for landscapes, motivational and inspirational content, epic videos, animations, video games, fantasy, document...

Everything At Stake [Sport Majestic Cinematic Epic Glorious Heroic]

Everything At Stake is a majestic, adventurous and epic orchestral cinematic track, featuring graceful mixed choir, bold brass, strings and driving percussion creating an urgent mood. Best for sports, finals, competitions, fantasy, video games, promos, trailers, adverts, campaigns, landscapes, wild ...

Harder than Metal

Instrumental hard rock music composed for electric guitars, bass, drums and percussion, ideal for fitness, crossfit and sport topics in advertising, tv shows and training. Also great for action and motion scenes in films and tv series.

Monumental Lands [Orchestral Score Cinematic Epic Majestic Landscape]

Monumental Lands is a conquering orchestral track that starts with a marveling piano, building later on with epic and unstoppable brass, glorious strings, lush vocal choir and driving percussion, creating an adventurous mood. A grand and majestic experience. Best for nature, landscapes, adventure, s...
Yann Keerim
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