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Believe In Yourself

An inspiring and uplifting motivational track with beautiful ambient type electric guitars, soft piano, warm bass guitar and gentle percussion. This track evokes feelings of strength, confidence, trust, ambition, achievement and success. Perfect for corporate presentations, background inspiring musi...

The Strain

Track with high-gained guitars and powerful drums section. Perfect for sport and extreme sports, action videos, game, trailer and more different projects and video.

Running Free

Dynamic drum n bass powerful track with catchy riff with guitars and rocky drums. Perfect for action and sports videos, trailers, teasers, advertising, commercials and other dynamic projects. Run forward, don’t give up This is the slogan of our new track. He motivates for victory and success. Shri...


Powerful and energetic heavy guitar track, consisting of aggressive guitar riffs, dirty bass and rickin drums. Perfect for extreme videos, sport and other dynamic projects.


Dark powerful suspense trailer music with synth pads and pulsing drones, string ostinatos, braams, simple braas melody, drums and percussion. This track is perfect for Film, TV, Advertising and Games, setting a dramatic, powerful and epic atmosphere.

Sad Duduk Dle Yaman

Emotional and Epical, Folkloric and Atmospheric piece of music, featuring 2000 years old Armenian reed instrument called Duduk and a warm synth atmo pad. In the style of Arabic, Folk, Atmo, Soundscape, Meditative. The beautiful Armenian melody will evoke feeling of tenderness. Track is just right fo...

Epic Intro

An intense. triumphant, glorious and beautiful cinematic epic intro, with big drums, melodic strings, percussions instruments, and brass. This track it´s perfect for soundtrack, video games, background music in films, youtube videos, documentary, inspiring and motivational video, tv, slideshows, we...

Sensational Review

This strong positive orchestral string melody tells a story of success and achievement. With inspirational guitars backed up by uplifting rock/pop drums and driving bass. Embellished with elegant bell synths and cheerful percussion.

Live Your Life

An inspirational and motivational light rock corporate track. A strong drum beat, strong piano and optimistic floating guitar work makes this the perfect choice for video presentations among other commercial applications.

Highland Spirit

Highland Spirit is a dynamic dramatic cinematic track with soaring melodies and inspirational percussion. Invoking images of adventures across Celtic lands with huge panoramic views.
Yann Keerim
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