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Gangsta Swags

loopable Hip hop track with an edgy urban swaggar and attitude. Cool and hypnotic vibe great for ads, TV and Film

Punk Power

Loopable classic punk rock track with driving beat, distorted guitars, and chugging leads. Great for aggressive content, sports, auto racing, bar scenes, and lifestyle content

Fight Society

loopable metal track with rhythmic riff, groove drums, punchy bass, and ambient stabs. Swaggy, angst vibe. Perfect for intense sports, action adventure content, and angst vlogs

Wicked Prance

Driving hard rock track reminiscent of headbangers ball days. Gritty and edgy. Great for auto racing and sports, tv/film action shows, and travel content


Hard hitting nu metal track with chugging riffs, thunderous drums, and a thriller suspense vibe. Great for sports, action, adventure, and urban lifestyle content

Trios Los Punches

Anthemic stomp clap rock song with a cool swaggar. Guitar blues driven song that builds to a climactic ending. Perfect for sports, TV/Film, and cool vibe ads

Salty Syrup

Industrial Hard Rock Track with synth vibes, metal riffs and chuggs, and driving electronic groove. For action/adventure content and sports lifestyle programming

Raging Full

Hard rock track with drony beginning and a distorted guitar riff driving song. Rap metal genre that’s groovy and driving. Aggressive cool vibe great for action, adventure, and sports content

Paperbag Blues

Trap and blues hybrid track with stomps and claps, driving kick and 808s, and vocal samples. Bluesy and sensual. Good for lifestyle and entertainment content for TV/Film and ads

Oasis Crunch

Cinematic Medeival Metal with crunchy guitar chugs and cinematic drums. Aggressive driving vibe with an arabian melodic solo. Great for video games, TV/Film that’s centered on action and adventure

Morning Chops

Pop punk style song with distorted guitars. Full band arrangement with a happy, cheerful tone. Great as TV/Film theme song or soundtrack for teenage programming or lifestyle content

Millennial Rock Stomp

Anthemic Stomp Clap Rock track with vocal oohs, stadium stomp claps, and driving fuzz guitars suited for soundtracks, sports themes, or action/adventure genres

Loose Thread

Funky track 80s inspired with synth intro and funky guitar bass and drums in the middle. Suitable for action, sports, fight scenes, and lifestyle programming

Kick The Habit

Hard hitting & intense industrial rock with EDM elements. Distorted guitars and synth drones along with driving drum groove. Gritty and powerful suitable for action scenes and sports related content

Jingle Bells

Pop Punk version of the classic christmas song. Heavy distorted guitars with aggressive drums and bass. Happy high school summer vibe. Fast and fun great for modern holiday programming and teenage lifestyle content

Hell Suite

Metal track with rhythmic riff, groove drums, punchy bass, and ambient stabs. Swaggy, angst vibe. Great for sports, action, auto lifestyle, and reality TV

Hands Up

Bluesy hard rock track with edgy grungy vibe. Classic rock vibes with distorted guitars, leads, bass, and groovy drums. Suitable for action, sports, biker bar and roadhouse themes, and as a soundtrack.

Ghetto Tango

Dramedy type latin trap with wah synth, plucks, strings, trap drums & percussion, and sliding 808s. Mysterious and edgy hybrid track that’s bouncy and quirky with a tango-esque melody. Suitable for urban content, lifestyle, fashion, and social media vlogs and videos

Gangsta Wok

Hip hop trap track with an edgy, dark, urban swaggar and attitude. World instruments, 808s, cinematic percussion & trap drums. Cool and hypnotic vibe great for ads, TV and Film

Deck The Halls

Trap Hiphop EDM version of the classic christmas song. Synth heavy with 808 style drums and plucky leads. Perfect for ads, tv, film, and holiday related content

Blowback Mountain

Bouncy aggressive trap beat with a latin flair. 808s, piano, plucks and claps. Powerful and action packed for TV. Film, commercials, and ads
Yann Keerim
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