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Serenity: Soothing Nature at Night

Serenity: Soothing Nature at Night features tranquil synthesizer alongside ambient evening sounds. Eliciting a peaceful, dreamy vibe, this is a very versatile instrumental! This clip could help in cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, blogs, podcasts, commercials, tutorials, introduction...

Digital Portal

A glitchy, dynamic and futuristic logo audio track. It features synths, plucks, hits, and hybrid SFX. Perfect for modern reveals, intros, openers, idents, web design animation, trailer projects, branding, hi-tech product ads, software marketing and more!

Into The Unknown (Ambient Swish Logo)

An atmospheric and minimalistic logo music track with immersive synths and an impact effect. Perfect for hi-tech video projects, TV, web design, software marketing, computer program ads, technology related content, company video production, idents, trademark animations, intro/outro and more!

Enter Technology (Elegant Future Logo)

A modern, futuristic and elegant logo music track with a high tech and digital atmosphere. It features synths, swishing effects and skittering yet subtle percussion. Perfect for TV or web projects, technology and company video production, advertising, commercials, marketing, brand logo animation, in...

Mysterious Transformation

Amazing transformation. It’s wonderful when there are miracles in this world, they make us kinder and better. This track will fit perfectly into a fabulous video or cartoon. Let’s create together!

Limitless Transformation

Hybrid dramatic cinematic orchestral epic trailer music with synth pads and pulsing drones and basses, string ostinatos, simple brass melody, big drums and percussion. This track is perfect for Film, TV, Advertising and Games, setting a dramatic, powerful and epic atmosphere.

Energy Transforming Logo

Morern high-tech logo. Feeling like transforming future energy. Great stereo effect.

High Tech Horror

High Tech Horror ident, logo, trailer with epic drums and modern effects. Great for technological commercials and epic cinematic trailers.

Brain Crash

A fast beating electronic track that builds to an exciting explosion of gritty synths. Perfect for dramatic transformation scenes.

Clock Transformation

“Clock transformation ” – Powerful trailer soundtrack featuring sound effects. Great for video production, advertising, Youtube videos, games, television broadcasting, podcast and more…

Glitch Machine Logo

Glitch Machine Logo – Fresh and quality sound design approach . Sudden and emotional effects with elements of glitch and dubstep . Great option for your videos, commercials and presentations.

Trailer Hybrid Ident

A cool entry to the epic film, trailer. Latest modern effects, hybrid synthesizers, dubstep rhythm and dubstep effects, orchestral strings and percussion.

Life Finds A Way

The song sketches a quite lifeless atmosphere, becomes slowly warmer and ends with a more intense and emotional part.

Forever Autumn

An ambient piano based track. Melancholy and spiritual, building up to the 55 second mark into a flowing lyrical melody. Great for documentary or time-lapse photography.


This soundtrack conveys a restless and anticipatory mood that gradually escalates to a suspenseful buildup finishing with a dramatic orchestral climax. Useful for media productions that need to ramp up to a big finish ending. Additional edits available.
Yann Keerim
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