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A dark, tense royalty free music theme with spacey synths, modern sfx, big hits, strings and hybrids, best for science fiction, action and battle scenes, intros or trailers.

Creepy Crypt

A spooky royalty free scary track, with agressive Electric Guitar, frightening SFX like monsters, screams, a worrying Music Box and Foghorn. Perfect for games, creepy TV shows and any fearful Halloween contents.


A crazy, tense royalty free music piece with a breath made rhythm, dark screams, eerie sfx and piano bits, best for horror movies, trailers, intros or openers.

The Secret Of The Magic Stone

A mysterious, modern royalty free drum beat with a dark piano, strings and creepy sfx, ideal for underscoring mystical scenes, fantasy, crime or thriller contents.

Baker Street

A suspenseful, ambient royalty free horror theme with scary vibes, dark sfx, deep hits and braaams, ideal for horror related intros, trailers, promos or Halloween contents.

In Your Face

A tense, powerful royalty free rock tune with hard hitting drums, crazy bass riffs and distorted guitars, big hits and reversed sfx, perfect for action, game and sports trailers, intros or openers.

Dark Cinematic Trailer

A hybrid cinematic theme with a dark edge and epic soundscape. Featuring haunting piano, percussions, cinematic drums, brass, strings, big hits, risers and SFX. A great asset for trailers, game openers, action, film intros, YouTube, teasers, horror, battle scenes and more.

Futuristic Corporate

An elevating, futuristic, trendy corporate track with a modern, chill beat and an inspirational edge. Featuring synths, plucks, electric guitars, piano, deep bass, SFX, percussion and drums. A great asset for creative videos about technology, hi-tech vlogs, slideshows, innovative or space content, ...

Spookies [Scary Cinematic]

A spooky cinematic royalty free scary track, with frightening SFX, electric guitar, creepy Church Organ, Synths and ghostly Theremin. Perfect for games, scary TV shows, and any Halloween contents.

Digital Portal

A glitchy, dynamic and futuristic logo audio track. It features synths, plucks, hits, and hybrid SFX. Perfect for modern reveals, intros, openers, idents, web design animation, trailer projects, branding, hi-tech product ads, software marketing and more!

Nuclear Blast

Nuclear Attack is extreme metal background music with punchy rock drums, distorted metal guitar, roaring bass and SFX. Blast for your project.

Nightmare Lane

A dark, creepy and unnerving track featuring disturbing cellos and violins techniques, ethereal choirs and other dark sfx. Great fit for horror, thriller and scary productions or any project that needs an ominous background music.

Footsteps (Person Walking By)

This is a simple sound of someone walking. Perfect for a wide array of projects – this is useful for corporate presentations, YouTube clips, sound design, video production, animations, video games, cartoons, cinematic projects, films, television shows, school projects, meditation tracks, and m...

Cartoon Laughter Transition

This is a laughing sound, made with cartoon, video game, and animation transitions in mind. Perfect for a wide array of projects, this sound is also useful for corporate presentations, YouTube clips, sound design, video production, cinematic projects, films, slide transitions, television shows, sch...

Psychedelic Organ Stingers

This is a fun transition or stinger clip featuring the sound of an organ with a hazy, psychedelic effect.  The possibilities are endless! This clip can help with YouTube videos, slide backgrounds, websites, commercials, film, cartoons, video games, slideshows, tutorials, introductions, podcasts, b...
Yann Keerim
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