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Dawn Of Legends

Epic, intense, modern trailer music for adventure, fantasy and battle themes.

Love Thy Monster

A tense, intriguing royalty-free cinematic underscore, with eerie cellos, pads, felt piano, and other textures, ideal for building anticipation or dark vibes in films and/or documentaries.

Spinning Wheels

Reflective, investigative, driving background music with slow buildup for to create tension. Great for nature documentaries, investigation themes and self reflection.

Above The Abyss

A dark, suspenseful underscore music with piano and dystopian synth for all kind of dark, scary, apocalyptic, dystopian themes like science fiction and horror.

Whisper Of Solitude

A poignant and introspective music track that delicately captures the essence of calmness, evoking a sense of sadness and emotional depth. The composition primarily features a solo piano and cello, working together harmoniously to weave a tale of introspection and melancholy.

Heat Shimmer

Dark, background music for all kind of drama, crime, thriller, mystery and horror themes.


Uplifting, cinematic, orchestral music for adventure and fantasy themes.

Six Feet Under

Dark background music for all kind of themes like crime, thriller, mystery and horror.

Wounds Of Words

Dark, suspenseful underscore music for themes like crime, thriller, heartbreak, leaving, decision-making and self reflection.

Welcome To My Nightmare

A super dark, scary royalty-free music theme, with ticking sounds, SFX, eerie piano, bowed strings, and demon screams, ideal for horror trailers, nightmare scenes, or Halloween content.

The Evil Rises

A dark, disturbing royalty-free action theme, with heavy hits, SFX, string plucks, screams, braams, and stutter risers, ideal for horror/sci-fi trailers, game promos, openers, or tense scenes.

A Grave Conversation

Dark, ambient underscore music with piano and strings for all kind of crime, thriller, drama and horror themes.

Jack In The Box

Dark, scary background music with female vocals, piano and music box for all kind of circus horror themes.


Deep, emotional, piano and string music for themes like decision making, leaving, heartbreak, loneliness and love.

No Choice

Tension underscore music for investigation, crime and thriller themes with mallets, percussions, strings and synth.

Forest With Dead People

Dark, scary underscore for crime, thriller, horror and investigation themes. Very suspenseful with extraordinary sound design.


A very emotional, sad royalty free music theme with deep pads, staccato strings, piano bits and big choirs, ideal for cinematic intros, trailers, war contents, games or love stories.

Scary Nightmare

An evil, ominous royalty free music theme with creepy pads, metallic fx, sudden screams, hybrids and loud hits, great for Halloween projects, horror movies, intros or dark trailers.


A tense, atmospheric royalty free music theme with dark hits, eerie fx, hybrids and dramatic ending strings, ideal for crime/thriller trailers, intros, openers or games.

Passing Time

A deep emotional, tense royalty free music piece with a small string ensemble and synth pads, great for farewell, thinking, leaving or decision making film scenes.


A dark, tense royalty free music theme with spacey synths, modern sfx, big hits, strings and hybrids, best for science fiction, action and battle scenes, intros or trailers.
Yann Keerim
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