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Night Shadows

Eerie and mystery background music with slow LoFi hip hop rhythms, piano jazz chords and elecric piano solo and trumpet solos, ideal composition in dark and suspense situations and scenes in films, tv series and other productions with similar eerie feelings.

Christmas Bells Medley

Three sections featuring two favorite Christmas Carols songs, "Carol of the Bells" (piano solo and orchestral), and a piano and bells version of "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day". Enjoy these for your Christmas score needs.

Naughty Not Nice

Glockenspiel and piano going from major to minor, creating a playful and slightly mysterious atmosphere, staying at a festive spirit. Great for background music in Christmas videos, promotions, advertisements, presentations and other media needing a holiday feeliing.

Christmas Eve Story

Magical, mysterious, and beautiful, enchanting piece of fairy tale & magic music. It evokes feelings of magic, fantasy, fairytale, and wonder in a beautiful, peaceful, and gentle way. Perfect for personal videos, fantastic videos, youtube videos, imaginative and calm product presentations, documenta...

Lost In Despair

loopable Dark mysterious solo piano track with cinematic tension vibe. Great for sad, mysterious content

Watch Your Step

tense and suspenseful post rock track starts with a foreboding guitar riff. Distorted guitars and hard rock drums. Suitable as underscore for crime, drama, mystery, documentaries, and suspense

Time Lapse

Post rock tension underscore with a building, ticking resolve. Lead guitars, piano, bass, and drums. Great for tension and suspense content

Time Dilation

A riveting & contemplative classical guitar ensemble track that creats a tense, troubled vibe suitable for tv/film dramas and dramatic content like crime & investigation

Tainted Questions

Comtemplative and riveting modern neoclassical guitar ensemble track. Mysteriuos, intriguing, and poignant vibe with tense plucking, lead arpeggios, ambient fx and strong bass line. Suitable for artful tv/film programs, suspense, crime dramas, documentaries, and serious drama programming.

Something Strange

Rock tension underscore track with 16th hihats, guitar slides, and bass riffs. Thrilling and suspenseful vibe. Suitable for tv/film underscore, crime investigative content, and reality programming

Something Puzzling

Suspenseful and gritty post rock track that gives a tense, foreboding vibe. Droney guitars and ambient drums. Suitable as underscore for crime, drama, mystery, documentaries, and suspense

Slow Reveal

tension cue with an "unveiling" or bewildered vibe. Pads, keys, and ambient effects gives slow suspenseful feeling. Great as underscore for tv/film programming such as crime and investigation, horror, suspense, and documentaries

Scene City

Dark macabre hiphop track with boys choir, dark piano, & acoustic guitar...Ominous Depressing Vibe good for horror, mystery, and thriller content. Also good for ads and commercials

One Way Out

Dreamy mellow & gloomy trap beat with background vocals, synth stabs, and wobble guitars...serene, dramatic vibe. Great for urban programming, dramatic tv/film content, and vlogs

Ode To Zoe

Solo Classical Guitar. Bach Influenced Track. Elegant and mysterious. Great as source music, travel and history programming, and documentaries


An intimate & suspenseful classical guitar ensemble track with ambient textures and ominous vibe. With baritone guitar as main lead, Suitable for tv/film underscore and promos trailers

Ghetto Tango

Dramedy type latin trap with wah synth, plucks, strings, trap drums & percussion, and sliding 808s. Mysterious and edgy hybrid track that’s bouncy and quirky with a tango-esque melody. Suitable for urban content, lifestyle, fashion, and social media vlogs and videos
Yann Keerim
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