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Satie - Gnossienne n. 3

Mysterious, catchy and a bit disturbing. Classical piano masterpiece by Erik Satie (1866-1925).

Satie - Gnossienne n. 1

Mysterious and atmospheric. Classical piano masterpiece by Erik Satie (1866-1925).

Shadow Legion

A hybrid orchestral track, with an ambient and atmospheric opening leading to a heroic and epic climax with strings ostinati, powerful brass and driving percussion. Great for trailers, action or epic scenes, heroic films and games.

Forest Hunt (Horror Thriller)

Horror-Thriller classical action and tension for orchestra. Tense, building with hit points.

Night Escape (Tension Suspense)

Dark landscape & eerie suspense in slow tempo for orchestra. Good for tension mysterious situations or psychological thriller & crime in progress.

War Lord (Tension Epic)

Orchestra and Choirs for a symphonic confrontational high tension energy. Epic powerful gothic action great for heroic tension, battle, adventures.

Japanese Warm Nostalgic (Shakuhachi & Koto)

It is a emotional, warm, calm, nostalgic, beautiful, dreamy, oriental, and ethnic track using Shakuhachi, Koto, Wadaiko(Japanese Drums). Perfect for Japanese-themed movies, dramas, anime, theater, Japanese nostalgic landscape videos, background music for Japanese History Museumetc, etc.

The Oracle

An orchestral track with a cello and bassoon melody, creating a dark and anxious atmosphere. Great for films, videos and other dark content.


A hybrid track with an atmospheric and mysterious piano and pads opening gradually building to a powerful and driving epic climax. Ideal for action trailers, epic videos, films, advertising and video games.

Heat Shimmer

Dark, background music for all kind of drama, crime, thriller, mystery and horror themes.

Six Feet Under

Dark background music for all kind of themes like crime, thriller, mystery and horror.

Natural Force

A dark, organic and electronic hybrid track, featuring deep pads, emotional strings, sparkling textures and thunder fx. Styled for factual documentary background and science and technology underscore. For ads, promo, commercials, corporate, youtube videos and media projects about scientific research...

Dance With the Unseen (60 sec)

A mix of comedy and drama with a taste of the paranormal. Imagine dancing with a ghost in a large spooky mansion. Mischievous and innocently scary. Light orchestra with harpsichord. Quirky and silly. Desperate housewives. Sitcom. Humorous and delightfully naughty. Sneaking around. Solving a mystery....

Somber Ambient Piano Trailer

Real doomer track for your project! It features piano, strings, percussion and lots of ambient tones to make your video deep, mysterious and emotional. Perfect for trailers and video games but will also do nicely for any other content in need of the right mood. Enjoy!

Jack In The Box

Dark, scary background music with female vocals, piano and music box for all kind of circus horror themes.
Yann Keerim
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