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Cool, laid-back Hip Hop track with catchy, quirky synths. Mysterious and dark.


New Age spacious, ambient track with subtle synths, bells and light percussion. Calm, open and atmospheric.

Don't Look Back

Dramatic, powerful orchestral piece with solid percussion and gripping string/horn arrangements. Epic and dynamic.

Distant Pleasures

Spacious, sweeping pads, soft percussion and catchy synths. Great for spacey, sci fi scene.


Dramatic and powerful orchestral piece, beginning softly, then building into a frantic climax. Dark and mysterious.


Powerful Hip Hop track with distorted electric guitar, mysterious synths and piano. A new twist on Hip Hop!

Dark Passage

Dark, dramatic mysterious track with solid beat, synths and catchy samples. Great for action/suspense scene.

Dark Jungle

Spine chilling, suspenseful track, with spooky synths, pulsating percussion, choir and orchestra. Great for horror, thriller or suspense scene. BEWARE!!!

Crossing Over

Old-school Hip Hop beat with quirky catchy synths and guitars. Cool and fun!

Crime Buster

Dark Hip Hop groove with catchy synths, mysterious sfx and scratching. Tense and suspenseful.

Creeping Up

Dramatic, suspenseful orchestral track with electic guitar and solid drum groove. Unusual, interesting arrangement.

Cosmic Trouble

Dark, mysterious electronic track with hard, spooky synths and solid beat. Great for mystery, suspense, sci fi scene.

Cool And Hot

Edgy modern Hip Hop/Pop track with cool groove and mysterious, dark synths. Great for background music requiring a cool groove!

Can't Catch Me

Energetic track with solid drum/bass groove and dynamic orchrestral arrangements. Epic, dramatic and powerful.

Bombay Night

Solid percussion with ambient sweeping synths. Slight African or rainforest feel. Very atmospheric.

Blue Moon

Spacious, atmospheric piece with flowing synths and sound effects. Open and free.

Better Off With Me

Modern hip hop/pop track with solid groove, acoustic guitar and cool synths. Mysterious feel. Great for background music!

Be Aggressive

Cool modern Hip Hop track with solid groove, guitars and synths. Powerful and catchy.


Emotional and deep piano/strings piece. Loving, romantic and a little sad.

Another World

Mellow drum beat with mysterious spacious synths. Great for mystery, sci fi scene. Very ambient and atmospheric.

Ancient Battle

Dramatic orchestral piece with triumphant, epic feel. Lively and powerful.
Yann Keerim
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