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Punk Power

Loopable classic punk rock track with driving beat, distorted guitars, and chugging leads. Great for aggressive content, sports, auto racing, bar scenes, and lifestyle content

Bikers Lounge

Loopable Driving Hard Rock Track with thunderous drums and heavy distorted guitar riffs & organ leads with an aggressive, abraisive vibe. Great for action montages, sports, and lifestyle programming

Watch Your Step

tense and suspenseful post rock track starts with a foreboding guitar riff. Distorted guitars and hard rock drums. Suitable as underscore for crime, drama, mystery, documentaries, and suspense

Salty Syrup

Industrial Hard Rock Track with synth vibes, metal riffs and chuggs, and driving electronic groove. For action/adventure content and sports lifestyle programming

Raging Full

Hard rock track with drony beginning and a distorted guitar riff driving song. Rap metal genre that’s groovy and driving. Aggressive cool vibe great for action, adventure, and sports content

Morning Chops

Pop punk style song with distorted guitars. Full band arrangement with a happy, cheerful tone. Great as TV/Film theme song or soundtrack for teenage programming or lifestyle content

Kick The Habit

Hard hitting & intense industrial rock with EDM elements. Distorted guitars and synth drones along with driving drum groove. Gritty and powerful suitable for action scenes and sports related content

Jingle Bells

Pop Punk version of the classic christmas song. Heavy distorted guitars with aggressive drums and bass. Happy high school summer vibe. Fast and fun great for modern holiday programming and teenage lifestyle content

Hands Up

Bluesy hard rock track with edgy grungy vibe. Classic rock vibes with distorted guitars, leads, bass, and groovy drums. Suitable for action, sports, biker bar and roadhouse themes, and as a soundtrack.

Final Push

uplifting alternative indie rock tune with a positive anthemic vibe . Vocal ohs, distorted guitars, and thunderous drums. Great for Corporate motivational content, tv, film, and documentaries

Driving Miss Crazy

Driving hard rock track with thunderous drums, heavy distorted guitar riffs, & organ leads with an aggressive, abraisive vibe. Perfect for motosports, action packed content, and mens lifestyle commercials

Disgruntled Militia

Cinematic metal style with distorted guitar riffs and aggressive string section. Epic, battle type vibe great for video games and action, fantasy, sci fi TV/Film

Backhand Slap

Exhilarating hard rock track with big bass, distorted guitar riffs, and thunderous drums. Heavy and edgy. Suitable for action, sports, biker bar and roadhouse themes, and as a soundtrack.

High Stakes

Heavy, impetuous, triplet rock track with guitars, bass and drums. Perfect for cars, fights and extreme.

Leather Face

A dark, scary royalty free music piece with creepy sound design fx, horrific screams and distorted braams/hits, ideal for horror movies, trailers, openers or jump scares.

In Your Face

A tense, powerful royalty free rock tune with hard hitting drums, crazy bass riffs and distorted guitars, big hits and reversed sfx, perfect for action, game and sports trailers, intros or openers.

Chaos And Order

A powerful, forceful royalty free music theme with distorted guitars, epic impacts, big brass and great cutting points, ideal for action and science fiction movies, trailers, games or intros.

Off Balance

A moody and haunting alt-rock groove comprised of drums, guitars and bass. Feelings of the world around tipping off balance and getting a bit too much.

Body Hunter

A dark, dramatic royalty free music theme with deep pads, distorted glitchy parts, big tense beats and piano sounds, best for horror intros, trailers, crime stories or openers.

Rock The Game

Swagger stomp rock instrumental lead by a distorted guitar riff over powerful drums with big claps. Perfect for energetic triumphant sports videos and ads.

Riff Rock Heavy

This cool and stylish Alternative Rock track will add energy and guts to your media projects! Featuring distorted guitars, synthesisers, bass, percussion and powerful drums. A great asset for powerful intros, openers, trailers, action movie scenes, extreme sports, racing, sports, fights, chases, fa...
Yann Keerim
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