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Lo-fi Hip-Hop Chill

This is a warm and light lofi hiphop track with organic and electric pianos, groovy drums, bass guitar, and vocals. The relaxed and reflective mood will evoke inspiration and joy. The track is designed for vlogs, presentations, slideshows, collages promotion videos, clothing/food advertisements, te...

Hurry Clean Up

The kids were up to no good and made a mess and now the parents are on their way home! Lots to clean up! The elves are in the workshop trying to get all of the toys ready for Christmas. Plucked pizzicato and bouncy staccato strings are the bed for a happy and playful clarinet melody. Fast Tempo of ...

Household Hijinks

Someone at home is up to no good. Possibly about to play a prank on the family? The contestants are contemplating their next move. The travel show has just arrived at their next destination. Lots of arpeggiated notes to take you to the whimsical and playful resolution. Medium Tempo of 110 BPM Cart...

Childhood Wonders

A Music Box toy bell and pizzicato strings are the beginning melody for this whimsical journey of mystery and discovery. Vibes bring us closer to the main waltz theme. A call and response between the music box and glockenspiel builds up to a quiet pizzicato middle. Big finale & quiet goodbye. Mediu...

Rock Team

The introduction to rock is a great start for a TV series, TV show, presentation video. Soft positive rock with vocal a cappella. Three-dimensional guitars, clear drums with transitional volumes and indie melodic movement. The track is memorable and sets you up for motivation and positive.

Summer rain

This is an inspiring and energetic rock track, give you a positive and a good mood all day.


Powerful and energetic rock track. Created with the help of electric guitars, synthesizers, piano and backing vocals.
Yann Keerim
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