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Vanilla Sky

Sentimental, and dreamy background track with piano, strings. Perfect for love story, wedding videos, romantic videos, inspirational projects, photo slideshows, motivational presentations.


An inspiring, beautiful and emotionally track. Perfect for romantic videos, inspirational projects, photo slideshows. Gentle piano motives, elegant and sentimental.

Country View

Background atmospheric music in soft country style with slide, steel, acoustic, muted guitars. Suitable for all kinds of inspirational video. Creating an atmosphere of inspiration, success and optimism.


Emotional hip hop beat with soft bells, strings, pick bass, electric guitars, brass, piano, synths, castagnette and drums. Perfectly suitable for making a song, background music for a film or video, documentaries, commercials and other projects. I hope you like it.

Long Gone

Inspirational, atmospheric acoustic track, with a clear cinematic quality. Based on acoustic guitar and beautiful violins, all played by real musicians, it can be used for romantic scenes, documentaries, or any production that needs to be inspiring, suggestive or uplifting. Several edits available ...

Klezmer March

All acoustic track, with instruments typical of the Klezmer tradition (accordion, violin, clarinet, trumpet, guitar and more) and a marching rhythm. It sounds narrative, descriptive in the first half, and more melodic, romantic, even inspirational in the final section. It's ideal for productions in ...

First Noel Chamber Orchestra

"First Noel Chamber Orchestra""is a arrangement of Traditional Christmas carol ""First Noel ". Acoustic Piano and celesta Plays solemn melody.Harp takes supporting roles for both melody and harmony.At the end,Violin,Flute and brass section come in for adding expanse to the orchestration. "

Deck The Halls Chamber Orchestra

”Deck the Halls Chamber Orchestra” is an arrangement of the most well known Christmas song “Deck the Halls”. It is a chamber orchestra style. The combination of Pizzicato Strings,Glockenspiel and Marimba clarify that “it’s a Xmas time!” A classic sleigh bells is used to keep the music ...

An Irish Tale

An acoustic track reminiscent of Celtic, Irish traditional ballads, but also with a Mediterranean, Italian or Greek touch. The verse is melancholic and somber, but the chorus is very melodic, more serene and hopeful, truly inspiring. All acoustic, real instruments. Short edits also available.

With Each New Day

Delicate, peaceful track with subtle piano and lush, dreamy strings. Great for sentimental, melancholic background music!

Heartfelt Encounter

Dreamy, melancholic piece, with deep cello, sweeping pads and light percussion. Emotional and passionate - great for drama use!

Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven

A beautiful rendition of Beethoven's famous piano sonata. Very emotional piece with feelings of sadness and loss.

Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven (piano & strings)

A beautiful rendition of Beethoven's famous piano sonata with string accompaniment. Very emotional piece with feelings of sadness and loss. The strings add an extra haunting atmosphere.

JS Bach - Badinerie (solo piano)

Lively, uplifting piece by JS Bach intricately performed on piano. Melodic, happy, joyful and fun!

JS Bach - Badinerie (Piano & Strings)

Lively, uplifting piece by JS Bach intricately performed with piano and strings. Melodic, happy, joyful and fun!

JS Bach - Badinerie (Flute and strings)

Lively, uplifting piece by JS Bach with intricate flute melody and strings. Happy, joyful and fun!

Gnosienne - Eric Satie

A beautiful, charming classical piano piece by composer Eric Satie. Delicate melody with a dreamy, nostalgic feel.

Floating Ambient Guitar

Dreamy, atmospheric piece with spacious guitar and ambient synth pads. Peaceful and reflective feel.

Both Sides

Reflective, emotional and beautiful theme played on a grand piano. Melancholic, yet heartwarming
Yann Keerim
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