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Ambient Corporate Minimal Beautiful Background

Ambient Corporate Beautiful atmospheric track with a gentle and soft piano with air background pads-perfect for your multimedia project such as: commercials, corporate presentations, infographics, slideshows, slowmotion, travel, Andoird App, Games, iOS apps and much more..

Upbeat Ambient Corporate

Upbeat Ambient Corporate Upbeat Ambient Corporate – Beautiful, inspiring and motivational atmospheric track with soft piano and gentle pads on the background, perfect for your media project!

Aspire Corporate Motivational Upbeat

Aspire – Motivational, bright, catchy corporate track, with muted guitar, piano and gentle atmospheric pad on the background! Perfect for any media project!

Background Motivate

Background Motivate Background Motivate – This motivational corporate track is perfect for your presentations, videos, exhibitions, slide show, promotional video, advertising, info graphic and more… Light, background, bright, positive and inspiring music with electric guitar, muted guitars an...

The Epic

This is powerful inspiring trailer track with symphonic instruments like violin, horn and piano, perfect for movies, video games, trailers, private videos and much more!

The East Garden

Asian-styled music with traditional Chinese instruments such as guzheng, strings, flutes, and deep drums, is ideal for trailers, landscape videos, films, or openers.

Happy Home

Inspirational indie folk music track. Perfect acoustic music for commercials, inspirational videos, advertising, cinematic projects, presentations, TV, YouTube, slideshows, film, trailers, romantic videos, wedding videos, documentaries, travel shows, and more.


Inspiring, dramatic, hopeful, and beautiful cinematic soundtrack. Touching, solemn, tender, elegant, encouraging; feelings of joy for your media work. Perfect for background music in slideshows, inspirational commercials, motivational and uplifting presentations, sad & sentimental videos, coaching, ...

Light Cinematic Indie Folk

A bright background music track, featuring smooth acoustic guitars, mellow organ, easy electric piano, relaxed drums and bass. Perfect for documentaries, commercials and advertising, corporate, travel videos, slideshows, vlogs, teaser and trailer, web page, youtube and many more.

Medieval King

An atmospheric, acoustic piece, inspired by the Middle Ages. Featuring authentic medieval instruments such as flute, lute, hurdy gurdy and hand drum. Perfect for ancient and historic scenes and settings in film, games and documentaries.

Retro Game Music

Retro game music inspired by classic 2D video games, including sound effects.

Building Confident Inspiration

A dynamic, inspirational orchestral track, featuring piano, beautiful strings, light woodwinds, big brass, snare drum and powerful cinematic percussion. Starting with a playful piano motif, multiple levels of build, leading to a strong climax. Facing challenges, achieving goals, overcoming obstacles...

Building Emotional Inspiration

A confident, engaging modern orchestral track, featuring pop piano, light short strings, expressive string melodies, pulsating textures and big drums. Starting with emotive piano chords, multiple levels of build, many edit points, leading to an epic climax. Facing challenges, reaching goals, overcom...

Building Engaging Inspiration

A determined, motivational orchestral track, featuring light piano, energetic short strings, expressive string melodies, playful percussion and epic drums. Starting with a simple but catchy motif, multiple levels of build, many edit points, leading to a sweeping climax. Facing challenges, reaching g...
Yann Keerim
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