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Cinematic world music track featuring the armenian duduk as a lead instrument. Perfect for use in documentaries, mountain scenes. Track is evolving with percussion and tribal african / indian vocals.

Mysterious secret electronic background

Mysterious electronic background with synthesizers, bass and percussion, creating an atmosphere of uncertainty and search for solutions. Combined with video intense themes, commercial projects, animations, info graphics, youtube content, video games and more..

Suspense dawn (Tension ambient background)

Suspense ambient background that creates a mysterious atmosphere. Combined with suspense, horror, mystery videos, news projects, animation, youtube content, video games, and more..

Sleepless Nights

This musical classical sounding composition is perfect for intro of video games and films in mystic, horror, detective genres.

Documentary Tension Background

Repetitive and pulsating cinematic documentary music, with strings, ambient piano, and layers of percussive elements. This piece is perfect as underscore for documentary's, TV drama, thriller, crime, short films, history, espionage, conspiracy, government and other projects that need a suspenseful a...

Keep Your Secrets Well

Dramatic epic orchestral cinematic trailer music with strings, brass, synthesizer, sound effects, percussion and big booms. Energetic, melodic, beautiful and powerful big orchestral track, perfect for slideshows, cinematic movie trailers, image trailers, corporate videos, presentations, ads, promot...

Mystical Enchanted Flute

Mystical and elegant cinematic track featuring solo alto flute, harp, strings, women's choir, and light percussion. Perfect for film underscore, video game underscore, social media content, and much much more!

Treasure Island

A joyful track with ukulele sounds, piano, bells, bass, drums and percussion designed for corporate promos, cartoons, animations.

Happy Advertising

Another playful track with ukulele tones, piano, bells, bass, drums and percussion designed for tv and radio commercials, corporate promos, cartoons, animations, kids and family related videos.

Secret Passion

Smooth, Sensual, Jazz-Funk/Soul Instrumental Track.

Spirit Of Nature

''Spirit Of Nature'' is a cinematic electronic ambient track with a melancholic mood. Background music for films, mystical themes, documentaries on nature, spirituality projects, science fiction, movie trailers, gaming videos, apps, social media, websites, YouTube videos, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram,...

Chambers Of Secrets

Refined, evocative chamber orchestra music track with pizzicato strings, tuned percussions, piano and brushed drums. Curious, seductive theme suggesting mystery or a sneaky furtive action. Perfect for documentaries, visual arts videos, films and dramas.
Yann Keerim
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