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Chinese Dynasty

Chinese Dynasty is an epic piece of music in style of the famous chinese composer Tan Dun. It's made with typical instruments like the bamboo bawu-flute, chinese percussion, portamento strings, guzheng zither and male choir. This music brings the ancient China to your project.

Inspiring Orchestral Interlude

Inspiring Orchestral Interlude is a short and sweet transition that features the sounds of a symphony orchestra. Eliciting tones of warmth and achievement, this is a very versatile instrumental! This clip could help in cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, film projects, radio bits, com...

Cultural Heritage

Proud and bold, with classical music elements: powerful staccato strings and lush melodic theme by violins, joyful woodwinds and majestic timpani in the backgorund. Awe-inspiring mood, confident feel, perfect for fantasy and adventure cues, history documentaries, patriotic videos, real estate promo...

Run Away

A fast and dramatic short classical piece. Its tension and intense character is made of strings ostinato phrases, timpani and other orchestral instruments.

Classical Breezy Theme

A short classical piece written in the style of Mozart and Haydn dance music, with a light and melodic personality.

A Story to be Told

Cinematic orchestral arrangement with a fantasy and adventurous character. Orchestrated for film purpose can fit any audiovisual project enhancing it’s epical and fantastic hue.

Fantasy Adventure Cinematic Opening

Orchestral uplifting cinematic piece perfect for adventure and fantasy content.

Dreadful Crime

This is intense punk electronic epic and powerful cinematic trailer track great for action, crime, extreme sports, fight , film, TV, advertisement and gaming. Consists of drums and timpani beat, synth and piano theme , powerful cello and cinematic FX elements to bring more epic vibe. Include main v...

Happy Uplifting Christmas

Bright and cheerful holiday Christmas music created with a lot of different musical instruments: piano, acoustic guitar, little bells, ukulele, chimes, tubular bells, harp, strings, toy piano. it is perfect for your New Year's or children's film as well as of slide show or a holiday presentation etc...

Merry Happy Christmas

A beautiful Christmas orchestral piece full of happiness and joy. Featuring; bells, glockenspiel, violins, strings, pizzicato, harps, flute and timpani. Use for Christmas and New Year projects, Christmas advertising, Christmas videos, Christmas commercials, Christmas promos, Christmas vlogs, Christ...

Small Orchestra Theater (Hopeful Emotional Orchestral)

Piano-string theme, accompanied by 2 different melodies, violin and cross flute. Few orchestral percussions, staccato strings at the end

Orchestral Tension

Tense and edgy music for the suspens and action build ups. Features powerful brass shots, fast violin tremolos, deep low strings, percussions and timpani. An evolving tension builds up with different epic yet unnerving themes including an beatiful and mysterious bridge. Perfect to create a tenseful,...
Yann Keerim
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