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Small Orchestra Theater (Hopeful Emotional Orchestral)

Piano-string theme, accompanied by 2 different melodies, violin and cross flute. Few orchestral percussions, staccato strings at the end

Orchestral Tension

Tense and edgy music for the suspens and action build ups. Features powerful brass shots, fast violin tremolos, deep low strings, percussions and timpani. An evolving tension builds up with different epic yet unnerving themes including an beatiful and mysterious bridge. Perfect to create a tenseful,...

Symphonic Orchestral Fairytale Ident

Quirky, mysterious orchestral sting. Perfect to use in your game, cartoon, commercial or other production that needs a typical big orchestral sound out of the box.

Fairytale Orchestral Intro

Magical orchestral opening consisting of strings, woodwinds, brass, harp, timpani and piano. Perfect to underscore your logo or movie introduction.


Powerful, solemn, pathos track using cinematic percussion, chorus, string section, chorus and timpani. This music is perfect for trailers, epic videos, review of action games and other your projects.


Progressive orchestral composition with synthesizers consisting of several parts, suitable as a soundtrack for your visual projects.


An hybrid-orchestral track with epic drums and strings. Great for trailer movies, or any action scene or commercial.


Glorious, bright, sweet and festive instrumental track. Very positive and almost romantic. This track is supported by a beautiful string melody dressed with the full orchestra, accompanied by the timpani and percussion. Ideal as show openers, theme music, underscore or positive uplifting cues.

Epic Story

Epic Story - Epic trailer track with an emotive and action feel featuring strings, piano and percussion. BPM - 160 Instrumentation - Strings, Choir, Piano, Una Corda, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Trombone, Tuba, Harp, Timpani, Bass Guitar, Percussion, Drums Versions included: Epic Story - Full version (...

Epic Cinematic Adventure

Epic orchestral track, powerful and dramatic, with an cinematic mood of adventure.

Epic Action

Epic Orchestral track suitable for Action and Dramatic Trailers

Sons of the Epic

Epic Orchestral track suitable for Action and Dramatic Trailers.

Dramatic Military Battle Theme

A building orchestral theme with military snare rolls, timpani, staccato strings and horn swell. Evokes feelings of tension, aggression and motivation. Perfect for video games, videos or presentations dealing with battle, war and weapons.

Orchestral Logo

Short orchestral intro with a happy and joyful feeling. This one is suitable for trailers, teasers, intros, presentations and many more. Instruments: Strings, woodwinds, percussions and drums.
Yann Keerim
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