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Tai Chi Master

A relaxing piece of world music, which is perfect for practicing tai chi, qi gong, yoga or any meditation method. You may also use it for tai chi videos or relaxed nature videos.

Always - Romantic Theme

A simple but romantic and emotional piano track with choir and strings ideal for any project that has honest moments of love like rommantic comedy movies, Valentine's Day dedications, and wedding videos. Two versions are available Full version (1:27) 30-second version (0:30)

Workout Motivation 2

A hip hop tune with hard drums and female vocal sample. This track will pump you to your physical limit. It's perfect for all kinds of sport videos or martial arts videos. Also it's a perfect track to listen to during workout.

Stealth Shinobi

Stealth Shinobi is perfect for any tension scene in movies or video games. It's about the art of staying stealth and silent to attack the opponent out of the dark. The choir and male voice add some mystery feeling.

Chinese Dynasty

Chinese Dynasty is an epic piece of music in style of the famous chinese composer Tan Dun. It's made with typical instruments like the bamboo bawu-flute, chinese percussion, portamento strings, guzheng zither and male choir. This music brings the ancient China to your project.

Flying Over Mountains

Flying Over Mountains is an orchestral piece of music which celebrates the beauty of mountain landscapes. This song is perfect for any material relating to flying, mountains and nature.

Upwards To Success

An uplifting, emotional and motivational music instrumental perfect for commercials, presentations, motivational videos, and more. The drums are upbeat while strings and piano build up an inspiring emotional feeling.

Medal Of Honor

A patriotic and emotional orchestral piece of music. Starting with emotional strings, it rises to a full orchestral theme with male choir. It evokes feelings of melancholy but also bravery and honor. This music would be suitable for war documentaries, a film theme, war video games or a military salu...

A Journey

Beautiful rhythmic soundscape, featuring piano, guitar harmonics, clarinet and choir.

Modern Christmas

New Year’s Christmas EDM track. Very danceable, positive and evocative of the feeling of a real New Year’s Eve. The track features Santa’s voice, children’s choir, violins, and of course Jingle Bells. For easy editing, there are 4 versions of the track in the archive: 1. Modern Christmas San...

Romance Is Alive

A heartfelt, inspiring royalty free piano led cinematic piece, with lush strings and choirs. Great for weddings, documentaries, emotional, or romantic content.

Momentum For Life

Peaceful and uplifting music theme, beginning with hypnotic piano and guitar and then building intensity to a climax with strings and choir. Perfect for emotional scenes, time-lapse, documentaries and inspirational presentations.

Inspire Creativity Meditation

Inspire Creativity Meditation is a soothing meditative soundscape created with inspiring creativity in mind. Featuring the sound of strings, a church choir, organ, wind chimes, and synth, this is a powerful ambient instrumental. This motivating clip could help in film projects, radio bits, cartoon...

Fire Overture

The track is filled with expression, fiery energy and epic power. The combination of orchestral and synthesized instruments fills the air with optimism, pushing energy and inspires victories and achievements.

Christmas Snow

Uplifting and cheerful Christmas track, perfect background music for your holiday season projects, adverts, promotional videos, radio and more. This track features orchestral elements such as strings, glockenspiel, bells, piano, percussion, sleigh bells and choir

A Haunting Christmas

Haunting and moody Christmas music. Perfect accompanying music for your holiday season projects, adverts, promotional videos, vlogs, radio and more. This track features orchestral elements such as string and woodwind instruments, glockenspiel, bells, piano, percussion, sleigh bells and choir

The Future is Now

Calm and futuristic abstract track with many atmospheres, plucks, choirs, vocals, fx, percussion, soft beat and deep bass. Mood: deep, thinking, imagine. Best for: advertising, presentatrion,corporate, business, design, apps, commercial, technological video, science, high-tech, abstract video, sli...
Yann Keerim
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