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Infinia (Orchestral Opening)

A soft orchestral track, starting with a backing female choir vocals, gradually evolving and leading to a full orchestra emotional climax. Great for opening scenes in films, videos, documentaries as well as background music in various projects needing a nostalgic and sentimental atmosphere.

Powerful Epic Promo

A massive, bold hybrid orchestral rock track, featuring expressive strings, heavy brass, cinematic percussion, huge choir, distorted guitar, rock drums and bass. Styled for promo, trailer, ads, commercials, corporate, youtube and media projects about modern heroes, firefighter, police, achieving goa...

Epic Orchestral Conquest Trailer

A heroic orchestra track, building to a big climax. Featuring cinematic strings, heavy brass, choir and energetic percussion. Perfect for trailers, movie soundtrack, games, sport, commercials, advertising, corporate, promo, marketing, youtube videos.

Admiral Nakhimov

An inspiring, heroic and epic cinemaitc theme with lots of motivation and power! You can feel a mighty will and unlimited energy in this inspiring music! Powerful cinematic brass and strings, epic drums, grand piano, choir, synths, pads, risers and subs makes your projects unique and expensive! ...

State of Heroes

An inspiring, energetic epic adventure track with cinematic strings and brass, deep piano, epic drums, choirs and some effects, excellent choice for cinema trailers, teasers, advertising, youtube videos, sport and motivational content.

Rise to Victory

A rising, powerful cinematic epic track with chasing staccato strings, legato strings, cinematic brass, epic drums, synth plucks, risers and choir. Fantastic sound of blockbuster movie! Ideal for intros, teasers, epic trailers, documentaries, hollywood films, tv, games, discovery videos, tv series, ...

Global Awakening

An inspiring, cinematic epic track with sound of symphonic orchestra, big drums, cymbals, sub drops, synth plucks, cinematic piano and choir. Ideal for movie trailers, teasers, soundtracks, epic intros, video games, advertising, youtube videos, cartoons etc.

Great Dynasty

An inspirational and dramatic ethnic epic music with elements of orient and middle east culture, featuring grand piano, cinematic strings and brass, duduk, epic drums, ethnic percussion, bells, background choir, synth bass, wooshes and sub bass. This incredible music ideal for cinema trailers, te...

The Lightbringer

Very powerful and inspirational hybrid epic music with cinematic orchestra, grand piano, hybrid bass, synths, pads, choir and live female vocal perfomed by professional opera singer. This is perfect cinematic soundtrack with high quality sound and mastering! Ideal for movies, trailers, teasers motiv...

Miracles of Love

A beautiful and inspiring cinematic track with orchestra, female choir, cinematic piano, epic drums, percussion, cymbals and some fx, ideal for landscapes, love stories, inspirational videos, ceremony awards, documentary videos, discovery and geographical movies.

Morning in Heaven

A beautiful, ethereal and hopeful background piano track with cinematic strings, female choir, percussion, electric guitar, pad, synth an fx. Music full of hope, beauty, love and peace. Ideal for love and inspiring videos, Youtube p...

Sky Legion

An inspiring, rising and powerful cinematic trailer perfomed by awesome hybrid orchestra, piano, epic drums and choir! Ideal for cinema trailers, presentations, advertising, video games, youtube and discovery videos. Thank you for purchase!

Brave Amazons

An inspiring, cinematic adventure track with epic drums, cinematic strings and brass, grand piano, flute, bells, harp, choir and some transition fx. You can imagine island of amazons with Wonder Woman in this music! Ideal for movie production, trailers, teasers, epic scenes, inspiring and sport vide...

Spooky Halloween Fun

Spooky, quirky, and mysterious instrumental background, featuring piano, scary organ, celeste, and clock ticking sounds. Perfect background music for creepy cartoon Halloween themes, animation, games, kids, children media, trailers, creepy presentations, video games, funny commercials, TV, YouTube ...


A powerful, resolute cinematic trailer with huge epic drums, cinematic strings and brass, rock guitar, cinematic choir, some synths and transition effects, best choice for cinema trailers and teasers, movie soundtracks, sport and motivational videos, youtube projects etc.

Pirates of Irish sea

An inspiring and glorious adventure track cinematic strings and brass, grand cymbalom, deep piano, epic drums and background choir, best choice for adventure movies soundtracks, teasers, trailers, medieval ethnic projects and videos, adverts, nautical videos etc.

Sky Ascention

An ethereal, lyrical, uplifting and atmospheric cinematic piece with deep piano, cinematic strings, flute, horn section, eepic drums, female choir, bells, some textures and pads. This touching music of amazing beauty and hope is the best choice for cinema trailers, intros, movie soundtracks, tv se...

Wonderful World

A remarkable, rising cinematic track with huge inspiration and great sound! Feel the beauty of whole world enjoying this touching and powerful music! Instruments including: cinematic strings and brass, touching piano, solo cello, solo violin, epic drums, bells, deep, pad, plucked synths, wind fx and...

Storm Of Adventure

An inspiring, powerful and uplifting cinematic piece with awesome orchestra sound, epic drums, cinematic choirs, some synths and fx. You will be fantastically satisfied by this music! Ideal choice for movie trailers, cinematic openers, teasers, movie soundtracks, film scores, Youtube videos, battl...
Yann Keerim
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