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Epic Emotional Promo

A beautiful, engaging piano and orchestra track, featuring delicate piano, bright strings, heavy brass and huge choir. Intimate beginning, building to a big climax. Styled for ads, commercials, promo, trailer, corporate, youtube and media projects about discovering the unknown, going to space, mars ...

Moment In The Sun

Perfect for: beautiful love videos, inspirational projects, hopeful videos, wedding videos, romantic videos etc

Memories of You

A soft, calm and melancholic viola melody, with guitar and strings background, creating a very strong and sentimental atmosphere. Great for background music in romantic scenes, presentations, short films and various other projects requiring tranquil and ambient music.

Quirky Elegant Cinematic Waltz

A sophisticated, eccentric comedy waltz, featuring flute, bassoon, harp, harpsichord and light percussion. Creating a comedic, magical mood. Styled for funny ads, commercials, promo, corporate media. Children adventure, family fun, dramedy, funfair, ghost train, theme park.

Rain Dance

The rain falls down from the sky and brings life to the flower seeds hidden in the ground. Growing from their stems a beautiful flower appears. The xylophone plays the magical part of the rain (being the bringer of life). The orchestration is fairly simple with some marimba and a warm dark bass.

Mountain Conqueror

An inspiring, action epic track with lots of energy and motivation! Includes cinematic strings and brass, epic drums, synths, pads and transition effects. This driving music is a great choice for sport and motivational videos, teasers, trailers, tv shows, presetations, youtube videos etc.

Frozen Kingdom

An inspiring, cinematic royalty free fairytale theme with strings, flutes, horns, bells, choirs and epic drums, best for fantasy movies, games, intros or trailers.

Time of Heroes

A wonderful heroic cinematic track with powerful orchestra, piano, bells, epic drums, sytnth bass and some fx. In this music you will hear the sounds of battle and victory, a wonderful and magical, fantastic and heavenly. Ideal for movie scenes, teasers, trailers, soundtracks, epic videos, battle an...

Epic Cinematic Promo

A heroic, triumphant orchestral track, featuring bright strings, heavy brass, signature guitar textures, atmospheric percussion and top-notch sounddesign. Suspenseful beginning, building to a glorious climax. Styled for ads, commercials, promo, trailer, corporate, youtube and media projects about di...
Yann Keerim
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