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Soft Magic: Dreamy Inspiration

Soft Magic is a dreamy, inspiring instrumental featuring the sound of bells, flutes, and an electronic drum beat. Eliciting an easy-going, breezy vibe, it is a very versatile tune! This clip could help in cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, film projects, radio bits, commercials, tutor...

Above The Stars

Lush, ethereal synth pads with a gradual, emotional build.

Counting Blessings

Counting Blessings is a meditative, ethereal instrumental that elicits feelings of happiness and contentment. This clip could help in film projects, radio bits, cartoons, video games, podcasts, blogs, YouTube videos, websites, commercials, tutorials, introductions, explainer videos, advertisements, ...

Fairy Lullaby

Emotional fantasy and mystical background music similar to a lullaby. Perfect for personal videos, Fairy Tale audiobooks, children’s animations, Helloween scenes, fantastic videos, youtube videos, imaginative and calm product presentations, documentary, mystical nature / forest videos, etc.

Mysterious Things

Magical and mysterious orchestral music track in waltz style. Perfect for fantasy games, TV, fantasy film/movie soundtracks, halloween scenes, children’s animations, forest walk, audiobooks, Harry Potter style videos, kids lullaby and more.

Magic Tale

Dreamy music track that creates a magical fantasy mood. Perfect for fantasy games, TV, fantasy film/movie soundtracks, children’s animations, audiobooks, lullaby and more.


Christmas orchestral and cinematic music! Perfect for Christmas advertising, Christmas video, Christmas commercial, Christmas promo, Christmas vlog, Christmas cartoon, Christmas presentation, YouTube, TV show, Christmas game and more.

Sweet Christmas

Christmas happy and orchestral instrumental music track. Used bells, string, guitar, oboe, piano, etc. Perfect for Christmas advertising, Christmas video, Christmas commercial, Christmas promo, Christmas vlog, Christmas cartoon, Christmas presentation, YouTube, TV show, Christmas game, Jingle Bells ...

Miracles of Christmas

Christmas magical, fairy tale orchestral instrumental music track. Perfect for any Christmas and New Year projects.

Halloween Evil Trap Logo

A spooky royalty free music Logo with Harpsichord, Pizzicati Strings, Music Box and creepy sfx and demoniac laugh. Perfect for ads, intros, openers, scary idents or Halloween promos. Available in 2 different versions, with and without Sound effects.

Halloween Stories

Perfect Halloween music for all! This track is magical, ghoulish, spooky and whimsical. 3/4 waltz timing. Featuring a theremin, glockenspiel, strings, pizzicato, xylophone, woodwind and brass. Perfect for Halloween videos, YouTube/Facebook/Instagram videos, commercials, advertising, films, games an...

Sailing Through the Shores of China

Instrumental cinematic music composed for chinese traditional instruments and orchestra, ideal for travel scenes in documentaries, films and tv series. Also great for slideshows with chinese images oriented.

Just stay

Quiet melancholic track played on the piano. Perfect for your video memories, social advertising, for Valentine’s Day projects or just to listen.

This Magical World

Amazing, beautiful and mysterious world. The magical piano combined with the light voices of the choir and violins make this music romantic, sentimental and soothing. Perfect for lovestory, wedding videos, romantic travel and family videos. Let’s create together!

Morning Light

Awakening of the morning light from sleep. Gentle, ubertrendy music that brings happiness with every note. All living things start a new happy day. Soft guitar and the magical sounds of harp, marxophone, glockenspiel like drops of dew on the morning grass. Ideal for nature videos, family videos, TV ...

Rockin' Merry Xmas

An upbeat, fun, jolly, uplifting and big-sounding Christmas song featuring; brass, sax, piano, bells, glockenspiel, xylophone, acoustic guitars, bass guitar, hand claps, drums and a “wall of sound” production. Use for Christmas and New Year projects, Christmas advertising, Christmas videos, Chr...
Yann Keerim
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