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Unspeakable Truth

A cinematic, inspirational piece featuring piano and orchestral strings and percussion. The romantic, inspirational flowing arpeggios of the piano and the epic symphony strings with a big climax will invoke magic and captivate your audiences.

Festive Delights

Festive Delights is a magical orchestral arrangement for the festive season. With grandiose strings, woodwinds, harp, french horns, sleigh bells, full female choir, and tubular bells. All the right ingredients to give you an inspirational festive ambience to your video project.

A Snowy Morning

A Snowy Morning is a magical seasonal orchestral piece. With a happy piano melody full of wonder and excitement with sleigh bells and orchestral strings and Celesta.

Get Lost In Your Heart LoFi

Get Lost In Your Heart LoFi is A romantic and chill royalty free lo-fi hip-hop beat, Best for the lounge, everyday life-related visuals, lingerie boutique commercials, makeup YouTube videos, morning routine vlogs, and other chillwave media projects.


An epic inspirational cinematic track with a magical piano melody accompanied by luscious orchestral strings, huge drums, and bass. This motivational background is the driving force of your audiences’ imagination.

A Bird's Eye View

The mystical piano melody and epic cinematic strings takes you on an inspirational journey, flying into adventure and wonder. With a strong chill step beat, luscious synths and awe inspiring cymbal swells. Perfect for high quality aerial footage and many other dramatic, cinematic and inspirational ...

gaia 4

inspirational atmosphere... suspended and emotional...futuristic Produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by Nikproteus www.codec99.com /www.doremind-music.com/

Happy Mushroom Kids Fun

Friendly uplifting children's theme arranged with marimba, strings and woodwinds. The classical regal touch gives this short piece a magical, fairytale vibe and therefor it could well be used in commercials, theme parks, cartoons, animations or any production seeking a happy tone. This piece has...
Yann Keerim
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