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Satie - Gnossienne n. 2

Delicate, harmonic and a bit bizarre. Classical piano masterpiece by Erik Satie (1866-1925).

Sad and Slow Piano and Cello

A really depressing slow track, only purpose of which is to make your cry like a little B**.. Baby. i meant to say baby. Featuring piano and a bunch of cellos it`s atmospheric and it sure can set a mood. Perfect for videogame defeat moments, melancholic movies, or for crying in a blanket. REAL ...

Developing Emotional Story

Calm emotional background track featuring piano, celeste, marimba and strings. The gradual musical development throughout the piece enables it to support a variety of media productions.

Crying Violas

This comedic mystery style motif uses classical motifs uniquely and intriguingly.


A beautiful piano composition full of hope and nostalgia, both uplifting and sad

Sky Divine

Storytelling, cinematic piano composition guided by heartwarming and hopeful melodies.


Cinematic and profound piano and strings composition evoking tender, hopeful, sad and uplifting emotions.

Until Next Time

Sentimental cinematic orchestral piece guided by a heartwarming piano melody and uplifting, bright strings.


Delicate cinematic piece featuring strings and piano. Slowly and gently moving inspiring, hopeful melodies.

Unfinished Story

‘Unfinished Story’ is a serene piano compositional that will transport its listeners to a place of peace and contemplation. Close your eyes and you might imagine yourself alone in a beautiful mountain range, totally relaxed and open hearted. These warm and evocative melodies will appeal to any...

Melancholy Unfolding

Short mellow background track featuring piano, strings draped in lush echoes and reverberation.

Full of Sorrow

Heartfelt emotional and suspenseful track consisting of piano, strings and rhythmic elements.

Not the Same Piano & Cello Ballad

This dramatic piece features a duet of a piano and cello on a stark empty stage. Evokes feelings of sadness, longing, and loss. Perfect for sad scenes, emotional situations, and final goodbyes.

Tragic Event

This is a tragic and sorrowful piano tune with a deep emotional atmosphere and dark dramatic sound. Good background for sad videos, grievous loss, funeral events, despair and hopelessness videos, heroic death, prayers, memorial videos, and many more.

Legacy of Sadness

Highly emotional and sad violin melody set against a dynamic background of strings.
Yann Keerim
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