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To The Sea (Pacific - Maori)

A simple track filled with longing and melancholy. Flutes with a lot of movement and underlying bass tones combine to create a feel of loss and hope in equal measure.

With Each New Day

Delicate, peaceful track with subtle piano and lush, dreamy strings. Great for sentimental, melancholic background music!

Not Always Easy

Dreamy, melancholic piece with piano and strings. Sentimental, lonely, sad feel - yet a delicate sense of hope and optimism! Great for drama scene!


A sad emotional instrumental music track with touching piano and deep cinematic strings. Perfect for cinematic, dramatic, ?rying scenes in your videos.

Heartfelt Encounter

Dreamy, melancholic piece, with deep cello, sweeping pads and light percussion. Emotional and passionate - great for drama use!

Schumann - Traumerei

Emotional classical piece by Schumann, performed elegantly on solo grand piano.

Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven

A beautiful rendition of Beethoven's famous piano sonata. Very emotional piece with feelings of sadness and loss.

Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven (piano & strings)

A beautiful rendition of Beethoven's famous piano sonata with string accompaniment. Very emotional piece with feelings of sadness and loss. The strings add an extra haunting atmosphere.

Deserving The Best

Emotional, sentimental classical piece with solo grand piano. Feeling of melancholy, but a distinct sense of hope and optimism.

Cinematic Love Story

An emotional, melodic piece with a romantic, cinematic atmosphere. Beautifully performed on grand piano, with string and woodwind accompaniment. Great for theme music for film/tv score.

Cinematic Love Story (solo piano)

An emotional, melodic piece with a romantic, cinematic atmosphere. Beautifully performed on grand piano. Great for theme music for film/tv score.

Deliverance (Melancholy Piano+ Strings)

A sad, melancholic track filled with loss and regret. Glimpses of hope shine through. A powerful mix of piano and violin paint a picture of someone looking back and remembering. Great for corporate, advertising, a movie theme or transition, TV, family, war film, love lost or a relationship ended.

After the War (Melancholy Orchestral)

A track which conveys a feeling of great loss - the long walk home from battle after losing everything. Lonely & cold. Invokes feelings of loss or hopelessness, darkness and the struggle to get back to a normal life. Deep cello & trombone add to the sadness. Grief and grieving.

Electro Ambient Melodic Mystery

Peculiar mix of ambience, classical and electronics. Emotional soprano voice melody and orchestration/accompaniment that grows to a climax ending. Tense but dreamy. Fantasy, Fairies, seeking the unknown, rising. Journey in a dark forest. Available in main version / instrumental. Noir Trailer Ps...

Easy Listening Soft Uplifting

Instrumental soft pop with melancholic mood but not sad. Easy listening and relaxing with some energy. Good for romantic tenderness and hope in love, or reflective night driving scenes. Building structure (0 - 0.55 – 1.35) Available in main version / soft version (rhythm section and focus...

Dramatic Orchestral Big Melody

(do not miss from 1.38) Intense and evocative orchestral melody with a bit of mystery in the intro. The theme is very strong and impressive, dramatic and melancholic in mood but with something indefinable and elusive, also suitable for different situations. Theme starts at 0.38 and is treated in ...

Liszt - Consolation No. 3

Beautiful romantic piano masterpiece, slow & intense, used in many mainstream soundratcks. It’s style is similar to the Chopin Nocturnes, highly expressive and lyrical. Delicacy and grace with a rare beauty made of hope, with echoes of rippling nostalgia. This atmospheric piece has glittering...

Classical Cinematic Melody

(do not miss listening from 1'19) Delicate and evocative light orchestral track, with a memorable string melody and different sections of orchestral arrangements, from soft to intense orchestration. The mood is melancholic and sweet, like a lullaby. THEME SOFT at 0.15 - THEME ORCHESTRAL 1.27 Avai...

Borodin (Public Domain) - Polovtsian Dances

Public Domain evergreen classical masterpiece, also know as “songs of our homeland” and often used in movies. Here in the original orchestral & choir score, soft & intense with the memorable melody in evidence. Available in: main version / instrumental version. Sweet, lovely, poetic...
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