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Neon Sunset

A dreamy, modern synthwave track with melodic synths, basses, iconic drums and warm pads, best for games, films or retro contents.

Saturday Night Feat. Erin Ezekiel

A bouncy, melodic royalty free edm song about everyday life, struggles and love, featuring awesome female vocals, dance leads, funk guitars and tight beats, ideal for fashion, nightlife, travel or club promo visuals.

Electric Future Talkover (Full Version)

A futuristic arrangement: Spicy synths and a heavy beat with detailed FX for innovative and progressive palates. For digitalization, cars, technology.

Electric Future (Full Version)

A futuristic arrangement: Spicy synths and a heavy beat with detailed FX for innovative and progressive palates. For digitalization, cars, technology.

Creative Future Bass

Melodic future bass track, with thick percussion and unique modern synths. The atmosphere of this track is inspiring and encouraging. Warm future bass chords sound cool with these soft percussion elements.

Epic Anxiety Trailer

This trailer is full of anxious, fearful and nervous mood. Scaring war drums, dissonant synths and melodic guitars contrast each other and make dramatic tension. You can use it for cinematic trailers, video game stream announces, horror and military movies, action technology presentations and creat...

Future Bass

Modern dance composition with bright and fresh sound. Driving synths, groovy drums and child shout “Hey!” on the chorus, this replaces by romantic verse with piano chords and synthetic children voice singing. This ultra modern composition is made for stylish projects, fashion demo, youtube video...

Happy Dance Piano

Happy song with dance beat and piano. Using cool and modern synth sounds. Could work well for VLOG type content and uplifting content. This pack includes the following edits: Edits that is easy for you to use in social media such as Instagram. High quality MP3 files included for easy use. Main Tra...

Mysteries by the River

Emotional and classical epic track, rather melancholic yet mysterious and adventurous. Mid part bigger and more epic, heroic and patriotic. Beautifully arranged with percussion, brass and choir. Very engaging and emotional through melodic strings. End part builds up in intensity and leaves the audie...

Trouble in Paradise

Very engaging and modern instrumental epic track. Progressing through accentuated strings, percussion and heroic touch through its melodic content in the brass and choir. This track is rather big and dramatic, ideal for the big picture, opening cues, trailer but also nature documentary. Perfect to e...

Something Peculiar

Very classical symphonic adventure track. Opens rather eery and mysterious but evolving with sparse orchestration and string arrangement into a full beautiful instrumental track. Mid part more playful, higher and brighter through interesting runs in the strings and woodwinds, accompanied by brass an...

Raindrops and Tears

Emotional and slow epic track, very melodic and beautifully enriched with big strings, male and female epic vocals, rather somber, reflective and nostalgic. Accentuated with percussion, this track is ideally suitable for evoking big emotions, can accompany cinematic trailer and long aerial shots as ...

White Walls

Classical and emotional rich track, soft and beautifully dressed within a narrow orchestration. Driven by vibrant strings, fluent brass and the grand piano. Mid part intensifies in arrangement and sets the stage for a bigger, higher and ore glorious adventagous sound. Closure is realized in the pian...


Beautiful emotional and very melodic track that features big orchestra, lush strings and sets a romantic atmosphere. Ideal for emotional background, underscore or documentary.
Yann Keerim
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