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Medical Documentary Music Tool

A quiet played piano, bells, arpeggios and synth pads creating the perfect music bed for your documentary. The combination of piano and bells creates a typical medical documentary sound but it can easily be used as a nice underscore in any kind of production, particularly nature or science themed to...

Documentary Piano Tension

Background cinematic music for films, short films and documentaries, intrigue, drama, suspense, espionage, conspiracy, government,etc,. Blends perfectly with any voiceovers or under dialogue. Also can be used in films, tv, time-lapse, photo slideshows, youtube video, etc,. Perfect for anything you w...

Documentary Intrigue and Dramatic Atmosphere

Background cinematic music for documentary, intrigue, drama, suspense, espionage, conspiracy, government. Also can be used in films, tv, time-lapse, photo slideshows, youtube video, etc,. Perfect for anything you want to add emotional depth to. Blends perfectly with any voiceovers or under dialogue.

The Contemplation Game Tension Cue

Suspenseful, dramatic and slightly melancholic background track featuring piano, pizzicato strings and various rhythmic elements. The track paints a picture of contemplation, doubt and reflection and works very well in documentaries, drama, or any other production in need of an original tense music ...

The Background Is Mechanical

Industrial sounding background track consisting of various rhythmic elements. Piano and cello give the track a slightly reflective character. Perfect to use in corporate videos, games, documentaries or other productions that need an energetic and mechanical tone.

Fascinating Complexity

Thoughtful and reflective background track that can be used in podcasts, documentaries or other productions. Perfect to use when you need interesting music that does not compete with other elements like narration. The mood is investigative, technological and slightly melancholic without losing energ...

Uncertain Times Tension Cue

Pulses, drones and ticking make up a tense atmosphere. Perfect to use in your news item, documentary or any production in need of a light suspenseful tone. The track never gets overwhelming and is designed to easily blend in with other elements. My portfolio is protected by Identifyy. After you bu...


Modern yet emotionally driven epic track, perfect for underscore and texture. Beautifully dressed with lush and long strings, accompanied by a humming female vocal, wide emotional melody with big orchestra, brass and percussion. Rather slow, intensifying and building up in the arrangement to give yo...

Alternating Sparkles

Organic underscore music for crime, thriller and scenes like decision making, heartbreak and leaving. Super slow buildup with tension and suspense.
Yann Keerim
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