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Danger hides in the shadows. We spend our childhoods convincing ourselves that the dark holds terrible secrets and evil deeds and as we grow, we realise that it is worse than our young minds could have imagined and that true terror will follow you into the darkness. This can be taken literally, ...

Summer Tropic Deep House

Summer Tropic Deep House is an atmospheric, fresh, cool, confident, bright, cheerful, peppy, inspirational, inspirational, motivational, catchy deep track with a dynamic, powerful, moving, energizing, rhythmic and melodious sunshine. Ideal for a dance floor, party, stylish slide shows, travel, anima...

Inspirational Hope

"Inspirational Hope" is an uplifting, inspiring and beautiful corporate pop track with ambient electric guitars, gorgeous piano, energetic "hey" vocals, and inspirational strings. The track evokes feelings of hopefulness, confidence, strength and capability. Perfect for corporate background video, p...

Optimistic Indie Rock

Energetic, positive track in the style of indie rock with the use of the whistle, female vocals, guitar and slide guitar (in the bridge, before the ending). The track is intended for use in making advertising corporate films, TV and other.

Tropical Night Dancing

Easy dancing tropical track. A mixture of retro and new styles. Chop vocals and other modern insets. The sound conveys well the feelings of romance of love and happiness.

Summer Pop

Pleasant tropical rain and the smell of the sea. This track has it all, and a popular beat, and a nice guitar, and chop vocals. The rhythm of the sun and the sea. The rhythm of love and kisses. Ideal for the music of Lovestory.

Toy Toy Toy Quirky Ident

Funny quirky theme featuring the ambiguous lyrics “Toy Toy Toy, Mai-die Mai-die Mai”. The theme is easily recognizable and therefore perfect to use in commercials, animation or in fact any other media production seeking sonic branding that will stick. Instruments deployed are marimba, bell, guit...

Gravity Resting Plan

Softly-distorted warm synth pads layered with atmospheric female vocals

Air Romantic Epic

Air Romantic Epic – atmospheric, epic, romantical, dynamic music using electronic pads, female air vocals, strings, and cinematic percussion. This track is perfect: on the subject of romantic video, space background, space trailers, space savers, space video games, landscape videos, documentaries,...

The Summit

Emotionally driven epic track with a beautiful female epic vocal line and glamorous arrangement, rather melancholic yet energetic. Through accentuated strings and percussion, this track intensifies in the final part. Here, big trailer hits are joined together with an emotional outbreak by the vocals...

As the Wind Changes

Melancholic yet majestic and melodic emotional epic track. Beautifully dressed in modern strings, orchestration and some pulse effects. Very warm and passionate with heartwarming vocals, choir, lush strings and piano. It intensifies and transforms into a big epic track that evokes interest and atten...

Celestial Shield (Epic Battle Music)

An epic and powerful orchestra music track with a huge main theme on brass, that builds up from the beginning and contrasting semi-calm / semi-tension theme in the middle of the track that leads to pre-main tension theme on high strings and ends on the main theme again but with a huge choir. Perfec...

Higher to the Clouds

Upbeat and cool track featuring sweet guitars, pop vocals, and upbeat vibes - perfect for social media vlogs, travel content, and tutorials. Versions available Includes: Full, 30s, 15s

Phoenix Rising

An ethereal uplifting trailer track with an epic horns and choir vocals, alongside inspiring synths. Ideal music score for landscapes, aerial footage, nature related documentaries and much more. Versions included: 3:23

First Kiss

A gentle, inspiring royalty free ambient theme, with airy guitars, light vocals, piano, strings, and soft beats, great for weddings, travels, or lifestyle footage. Versions included: 2:30

Loving Memories

A feel good, inspiring royalty free music piece, with floating piano, a pulsing beat, ambient vocals, guitars, pads, and strings, best for slideshows, vlogs, romantic videos, or weddings. Versions included: 2:56

Heaven Bound

A chill, ethereal royalty free corporate piece, with airy guitars, keys, haunting vocals, and deep beats, best for vlogs, timelapses, travel, or summer content. Available in Full and 60 sec edits.

Ghosts in the Wind

A dreamy, ethereal royalty free ambient track, with haunting vocals, soft piano, guitars, strings, and deep kicks, best for travel, summer, or emotional footage. Versions included: 4:33
Yann Keerim
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