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Another Beautiful Day

Optimistic and dynamic track that will inspire you and give a lot of positive emotions. Perfect for presentations, home videos, slides, etc.

Rock Intro

The introduction to rock is a great start for a TV series, TV show, presentation video. Soft positive rock with vocal a cappella. Three-dimensional guitars, clear drums with transitional volumes and indie melodic movement. The track is memorable and sets you up for motivation and positive.

Forgotten Effort (Uplifting Electronic Story Vocals)

Friendly piano theme with bright synth melodies, a driving bass figure and lively drums lead to an uplifting climax

The Miracle of the Butterflies (Positiv and Happy Orchestral Story)

The miracle of morphosis from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. A bright and lively theme with bright strings, piano, obos, a choir and subtle percussion

Ingenious Machines (Electronic Trailer Story)

Whether image film, presentation or the presentation of the latest technical innovations. Modern synths and drum rhythms, synth structures and supporting leads convey the feeling of determination and strength

Beautiful Reef (Positive and Uplifting Orchestral Story)

This panoramic hybrid track takes you on a dive through an overwhelming coral reef. Lush strings accompanied by powerful horns, pulsating synth bass and filigree percussion paint this picture

Ivory (Intense Orchestral Trailer Story)

Piano intro, transition into staccato cellos, staccato violas and violins melody. From 1:51 breakdown and reconstruction with vocal phrases, climax with drums

The Angels Are Visitng Üs

Instrumental Classical cinematic music made for orchestra, oboe, strings and vocals, ideal for spiritual and mystical scenes in films, tv series and ads. Also great for nature documentaries and religion.

Tinted Windows

Smooth, sad, cenimatic, inspirational- vibe with lyrical vocals. A song about change in ones social behavior at the expense of others feeling animosity toward them

Golden Journey to Victory

Instrumental cinematic epic music composed for orchestra, horns, flutes, piano and epic percussions, ideal for triumphant and victorious scenes in Films, Tv Series, ads and documentaries. Also great for commercials and advertising.

Magic Fantasy Atmosphere in Beach Boys Style

a magical swelling musical section featuring harp, wordless Beach Boys style vocals, human whistles and atmospheric pedal organ. perfect for strange, unusual, exotic, mysterious spellbinding moments.

Travel of Dreams

Instrumental classical cinematic music composed for orcjestra. piano and vocals, ideal for epic travel scenes in films. odcast and tv series. Also great for advertising and commercials.
Yann Keerim
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