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Calm, meditative ambient track with piano and warm pads. This is an excellent background track for documentaries, films, YouTube videos, yoga, and meditation.


An energetic 80’s inspired synthpop track. Perfect for films, commercials, youtube video’s, vlogs, movie intro’s & title sequences, games, etc.

Horror Cinematic Hybrid Trailer

Scary, aggressive, building suspense, dark and powerful cinematic trailer / opener with clock ticking, massive impacts, risers and Hollywood hybrid braams created for film trailers, epic teasers, suspense & tension scenes, horrors or creative commercial.

Fantasy Ambient

An epic, dramatic and inspiring music. Perfect for films, commercials, youtube video’s, movie intro’s & title sequences, games, etc.

Dreamy Abstract

Dreamy, deep sounding track with wide synths and pads. Fits any kind of video!


Trap dark melancholic abstract track with various intruments. Perfect for commercials, promo videos, presentations, backgrounds and more!

Abstract Future Dreaming

Abstract uplifting track with drums and low powerful bass. Perfect for movie, video game, trailers, teasers, openers, endings, intros, time-lapses, documentaries and discovery videos, AE templates, sport events, youtube videos, actions scenes, movie, game videos and many other projects!


‘Epilogue’ is exactly what its title suggests. I wanted to bring a closure to this musical exploration with a free improvisation, over a hypnotic set of bowed basses. I thought that it would be nice to finish this album with the feeling that it comes back to where it started, that is with the na...

Ready To Work

This is an uplifting corporate sounding track with guitars and solid drums great for marketing project, inspiring video, corporate and online promotion.

Motivational Abstract Beats

Arpeggiators and powerful rhythms for your extreme sports videos, but also for a mysterious space adventure.

Technology swap

Balanced composition with guitars, synths and percussion, creating an atmosphere of modern technology and serious mood. In combination with technological, scientific, educational, corporate videos, presentations, promo videos, slide shows, commercial projects, etc.

Spring in Bloom

Spring in Bloom is a psychedelic soundscape that elicits feelings of growth and reflection. Perfect for a wide variety of projects, this is a very versatile instrumental! This clip could help in film projects, radio bits, cartoons, video games, podcasts, YouTube videos, websites, commercials, tuto...


This track is like the beginning of something creative and incredible. The epic middle of the track, like the birth of a new star, strives for the highest goal with its energy. Choral parts, orchestral violins combined with synthesizers and percussion effects convey the mood of new life and freedom.

Sit Back

A calm, chill and relaxed music track in the lo-fi style. It’s got that nostalgic and dreamy vibe. It features a variety of atmospheric samples, including a drum beat, vinyl crackle, melodic piano, saxophone, synthesizer sound effects and vocal effects. Perfect for vlogs, study background, chillho...

Fashion Summer

Energetic and punchy music with elements of funk with piano, saxophone, deep bass, brass, electric guitar. This track is well suited for videos about cars, fashion, travel, sports as well as for advertising, entertainment shows, various vlogs and other creative ideas.

Urban Vlog Hip Hop

Urban Vlog Hip Hop is a stylish, modern music track with a laidback, smooth vibe. It features mellow guitars, synths, a drifting trap beat and echoey vocal effects. Perfect for vlogs, YouTube videos, travel videos, commercials, advertising, party background, unique branding, rap/trap compilation, lo...

Dance In The Rain

Creative & emotional beautiful dubstep with leads, plucks, basses, pads, vocals, piano. Mood: positive, uplifting, dreaming. Perfect for: advertising, broadcast, background, backstage, vlog, social media, presentation, promo video, commercial, design, opener, slideshow, intro, event, stylish, cars...
Yann Keerim
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