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Best Christmas Dreams

An orchestral original track. Christmas Romantic dreams and positive mood is carried by this track. Violins, cellos, glockenspiel, percussion are all you need for a classic successful track.

Soft downtempo lounge chill-out pop track

Soft downtempo lounge chill-out pop track with electric guitar performance and synth background. Pensive, creative and fashion style. Usefull for backgrounds, corporate or for Commercials/TV themes. Documentary, chill-out lounge club.

Happy Kids

Great for happy commercial, cheerful and happy advertising, happy cooking videos, happy upbeat kids projects, happy tutorials, upbeat happy slideshows, happy family vlog, happy pets and animals videos, happy cartoons, happy baby videos and all kinds of happy and joyful backgrounds happy kids music, ...

Tropical Summer

Light tropical house with an inspiring mood. A soft flute and atmospheric progressions give an uplifting mood and inspiration. This music is good for travel videos, fitness videos, commercials, as well as great vlogs and other creative ideas.

Stay Dancing

An energetic, assertive track with a joyful and inspiring mood. The saxophone solo gives the track a twist, while the upbeat piano and deep bass emphasize the individuality of the composition. Mute guitars spice up the music with interesting parts. Interesting effects and transitions evoke sublime e...

Sexy Jazz

A dynamic, swinging, smooth and sexy jazz track with a cool groove for your creative media projects. Featuring a bright brass section, saxophone, upright bass, rhythmic piano, melodic vibes, and dynamic, swing drums. A great asset for films, cocktail lounges, casinos, retro/vintage ads, vlogs, danc...

So Funk Pop

Super funky pop! Guaranteed to add style and colour to your creative media projects. Featuring; electric guitars, bass, brass, synths, drums, bongos, percussions and vocal "woo!"s. Best for fashion, lifestyle, ads, social media, travel, urban contents, gym, sports, night life, vlogs and more.

Powerful Typography

A fast-paced, pulsating, action percussion track with a unique and creative edge. with stomps, claps, clicks, metal and glitchy percussion and an array of synthesisers. Perfect for rhythmic typography, action/sports trailers, advertising, videos, social media, intros, TV, movies, promos, teasers an...

Playful Jazz

A swinging, big band jazz track for uplifting creative media projects. Featuring a bright brass section, upright bass, rhythmic piano, melodic vibes, and dynamic, swing drums. A great asset for films, vlogs, dance scenes, musicals, casino scenes, retro/vintage ads or content.

Futuristic Corporate

An elevating, futuristic, trendy corporate track with a modern, chill beat and an inspirational edge. Featuring synths, plucks, electric guitars, piano, deep bass, SFX, percussion and drums. A great asset for creative videos about technology, hi-tech vlogs, slideshows, innovative or space content, ...

Cyberpunk Tomorrow

A dark, neon, electronic Cyberpunk track with a futuristic vibe and ethereal, dreamy textures. Featuring deep electro bass, driving drums, and a mix of ambient and punchy synthesisers. A great asset for creative videos about technology, science, space, robots, artificial intelligence, product launc...

Modern Typography

A modern, creative and energetic rhythmic percussion with stomps, claps, clicks, metal percussion and glitchy synths. Perfect for rhythmic typography, advertising, social media, action/sports trailers, intros, videos, TV, movies, teasers, promos and more.

Breeze Of The Future

Energetic and assertive future bass with a summery and joyful mood. This track is perfect for videos about sports, recreation, travel, fitness, technology, cars, show as well as for advertising and other creative ideas.

Emotional Elevation

Modern epic music with a hip-hop beat, piano, violins and technical elements. This emotional, atmospheric and exciting track is well suited for various vlogs, commercials, videos about technology, innovation, travel and other creative projects.


Calm, meditative ambient track with piano and warm pads. This is an excellent background track for documentaries, films, YouTube videos, yoga, and meditation.
Yann Keerim
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