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Can't Be The One

The Wallflowers meets Bon Jovi in this nicely crafted forward moving hooky guitar driven song. Features excellent guitar slides and bends along with big drums and catchy guitar riffs punctuated by anthemic choruses.

Guitar Slinger

A melodic, mid-tempo, Bob Seger type instrumental with nice rhythmic guitar-driven bluesy feel, with a subtle use of keys, electronic drums, nice standard song structure musical changes and feel-good guitar solo.

Connect The Emotion

A soft ambient background with a digital inspiring vibe great for technology media, digital projects, advertising or futuristic promo. 2 edits available. One is a loop file.

Synthwave Background

Synthwave track using synthesizer atmospheric sounds, arpeggios and electronic rhythm section. A perfect choice for space, 80s technology, sci-fi, retro futuristic, presentations, youtube, review of computer games and many other your projects.

Texas Dark Police

Cool and powerful cinematic alternative rock track in style of “Breaking Bad” soundtrack and Metallica music. Calm blues and hard rock parts of track is good for video editing.

Summer Indie Rock

Brand melody embodies the youth life! Bright, fashionable, very rhythmic and energetic. This track is just universal! For convenience, the archive contains both full version and short. Summer Indie Rock – 2:10 Summer Indie Rock Short 1 – 1:24 Summer Indie Rock Short 2 – 0:38 Summer Indie Rock ...

Funny Neighbors

Super fun lite rock music from upbeat young band. Happy pop rock music for summer fun party. Positive mood and smiles in light guitar sound. We like dancing Zip includes No vox version (01:52)

Surf Rock

A mix of surf rock and garage rock. A good background track for advertising and short films with detective scenes. It’s a real rock and roll! The archive includes several versions of the track: Surf Rock 1 – 2:25 sec Surf Rock 2 – 2:52 sec Surf Rock Short – 0:44 sec

Summer Punk

Summer positive youth punk track. Drive and youth! Beer, kisses and freedom. Authentic guitar sounds, major chords and good mood. At the end of the track is a beautiful solo. For convenience, the archive contains several versions of the track.

Powerful Car

If you have a powerful car, then this track should sound in it! Thirst for speed and drive, beautiful racing and seductive women. This is a super hit. The track is perfect for a movie, advertising, sports events.

Metal Walk

Groovy metal track with rockin guitars and drums. Perfect for extreme project, games soundtrack, UFC, Races, and many more projects.

Garage Grunge

The return of good old grunge with modern sound. Powerful, positive, poppin. This is a mixture of grunge and garage music. Suitable for advertising and sporting events.


Speed metal track for advertising, sports, trailer and other dynamic videos.


Modern yet emotionally driven epic track, perfect for underscore and texture. Beautifully dressed with lush and long strings, accompanied by a humming female vocal, wide emotional melody with big orchestra, brass and percussion. Rather slow, intensifying and building up in the arrangement to give yo...

The Summit

Emotionally driven epic track with a beautiful female epic vocal line and glamorous arrangement, rather melancholic yet energetic. Through accentuated strings and percussion, this track intensifies in the final part. Here, big trailer hits are joined together with an emotional outbreak by the vocals...

Turning Point

Very emotionally driven and majestic epic orchestra track. Building up in the mid-part with a male vocal line leading to a beautiful rich and warm sound in the overall arrangement, it intensifies in glory and epicenes in the last part by introducing the female viking vocal line which adds to a bigge...
Yann Keerim
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