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Jingle Bells Punk

This is exactly what the name states. A punk rock version of Jingle Bells! Drums, bass distorted guitars and a touch of festive brass and actual jingle bells. This track is very up beat and a lot of fun. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a rocking holiday anthem, that is why we created Jingle...

Cyberpunk Axiom

This track immerses you in a future world where technology and the human soul intertwine in a continuous symphony. is music where the real and the virtual interpenetrate, where unexpected discoveries and dangerous adventures are possible. Let's dive into this cybernetic saga and explore the frontier...

Build Yourself

This is energetic and rough metal track driven by heavy distortion guitars. May be perfect as a opener for fight scenes, high speed driving, sport advertising and more. Background music for action videos, extreme sports, racing, fighting, gaming.

Lazy Sun

Perfect for: fashion shows, presentations, competitions, extreme and sport videos, openers, trailers, intros, showreel and more


Powerful, energetic and driving industrial metal for your video, audio collections and other projects! Enjoyable listening!

Some Punk

Cheerful happy punk-rock track with some synths and positive energy

Follow the Dream

Inspiring music for a dynamic video. Perfect for sport, extreme videos or travel vlogs.

Burning Hard

An energetic riff driven Heavy Metal track. Played by electric guitars, bass and drums.

Monster Car Battle

n instrumental Heavey Metal track with a very strong and groovy riff. Played by electric guitar, bass, drums and cowbell.

Make This Day

Powerful sports rock. Perfect for fashion shows, presentations, competitions, extreme and sport videos, openers, trailers, intros, showreel and more

Dynamic Metal

An upbeat and heavy metal track that packs a lot of power. It features distorted electric guitars, melodic synths, a distorted bass guitar, and heavy drums. It is excellent for commercials, advertisements, video games, movies, and more.


Nu metal vibe track with bass and rhythmic heavy guitars. This track suitable for extreme sports, music for gym, cars racing music, etc. Perfect for youtube and other social media vlogs, movies and games.

Thrash Metal

Powerful Aggressive Metal. Perfect for advertisement and TV commercial, media project and podcast, YouTube, games, sport, cars, motorcycles, racing, computer games, action, wrestle, workout, advertising, business projects, startup, trailers and more!
Yann Keerim
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