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Synth Pop with an underground dark feeling and dreamy melody. Cyber industrial, Strange positive action, City life experience. Hypnotic groovy lab music, Discovery, Adventure.

Into Infinity

Modern and big epic track perfectly suitable for trailer or show opener. Big, impactful and engaging through hybrid orchestra elements and synth instruments. Very tensed and powerful through accentuated percussion and impactful through big trailer hits.

Far Away

Beautiful dressed hybrid orchestra track with accentuated percussion and impactful sounddesign such as risers and trailer hits. Grand dark and a badass mix accompanied by underlying braams and vibrant string arrangements makes this the perfect theme song for villains and action cues.

Voice Of Victory

Modern, humble and heroic epic track accompanied by a piano, vocal lines and beautifully dressed lush strings. Tension is introduced with big trailer hits and accentuated violins as well as a bigger arrangement. Very melodic and heroic drama, impactful and a broad hybrid orchestration.

Torn Apart

Emotionally engaging epic track, accompanied by lush and somber strings. Very cinematic and accentuated in the violins and big taikos. Modern mix with modern hybrid elements and big brass. This makes this track ideal for big impact, heroic content or any other cinematic cues.

MINDHUNTER (Orchestral Moderate Advanture)

Orchestral soft dangerous adventure with high emotional impact. Epic, enchanting and glorious at the same time. Mystic discovery of hidden landscapes, a dark journey in the vastness of cosmo. Epic Gothic Action Adventure Hollywood Trailer Fantasy Videogames Heroic Horror Thriller

MARTIAN BASE (Action Orchestral Battle)

Symphonic confrontational high tension and heroic impact energy in Hollywood style with strong theme. Great for batlles, videogames, movies, trailers. Epic, enchanting and glorious at the same time. Building sections & Breaks.

ARMOR (Epic Dangerous Adventure)

Epic, enchanting and glorious at the same time. Building intro, big theme, action hits. Action Adventure Epic Hollywood Army Trailer Videogames War Dangerous Heroic


Soft enchanting magical mystery epic.
Yann Keerim
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