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A Moment Of Peace

Peaceful and mellow piano music, accompanied with ambient strings and electric guitars! Best for projects with a melancholy mood!

Positive Cinematic Rock

Down-tempo and atmospheric cinematic rock music track. You can hear acoustic guitar, strings, drums and quite a bit of synths. Mood of track is romantic, melancholic and optimistic. Best for using in cinematic projects, indie films as a love theme, cartoons, storytelling and wedding slideshows.

Relaxing in Nature

Calm and downtempo minimal track with memorable and atmosphere piano melody. Perfect for travel vlogs, spa, yoga and relaxing sessions, massage, cosmetics, romantic love stories. Also can be great background for innovative products, real estate, technologies and fashion.

Thoughtful Cinematic

It`s a thoughtful and meditative cinematic composition. You can hear a lot of marimba, glockenspiel, strings, piano, percussion and ukulele. Best for cinema projects, creative commercials and technology presentations and nature documentary.

Abstract Tech Chillout

Relax and thoughtful mood you can here there. Modern smooth synths, glitchy drums and rhytmic piano melody makes your projects unforgetable for your customers. Best for technology presentations, gadget overview, slow motion, inforgaphics, vlogs and creative outstanding commercials.

Transparent Bells Logo

Clean and transparent logo with beautiful synths and catchy bells. Will be great for business presentation, vlogs intro, radio imaging and TV commercial.

Ending Journey

A short simple piano logo reveal. For all media project, presentation, openers and more.

Mysteries by the River

Emotional and classical epic track, rather melancholic yet mysterious and adventurous. Mid part bigger and more epic, heroic and patriotic. Beautifully arranged with percussion, brass and choir. Very engaging and emotional through melodic strings. End part builds up in intensity and leaves the audie...

Raindrops and Tears

Emotional and slow epic track, very melodic and beautifully enriched with big strings, male and female epic vocals, rather somber, reflective and nostalgic. Accentuated with percussion, this track is ideally suitable for evoking big emotions, can accompany cinematic trailer and long aerial shots as ...

White Walls

Classical and emotional rich track, soft and beautifully dressed within a narrow orchestration. Driven by vibrant strings, fluent brass and the grand piano. Mid part intensifies in arrangement and sets the stage for a bigger, higher and ore glorious adventagous sound. Closure is realized in the pian...

The Long Goodbye

Melancholic and romantic piano theme supported by acoustic guitar and strings.

Cinematic Science

Atmospheric, mysterious, dramatic but hopeful, sci-fi soundtrack, featuring piano, strings, synths, deep basses. Perfect for: science research videos, dramatic scientific reportage, corporate tech projects, innovation, artificial intelligence projects, science fiction, pollution reportage videos, ...

A Better Tomorrow

Advantageous and glorious epic track, emotional and melancholically driven. Later the colossal heroic theme intensifies in the brass section and short strings and will fade out in a lone piano sound and high bells. Very romantic, sad yet driven by a monumental trailer-like orchestration. Ideal for c...

Our Last Hope

Epic and emotionally driven orchestra track. Very heroic, melodic and determined, accompanied by big brass, choir, piano and adventurous vibe. Dramatic builds up and leads toward the mid part which is dressed with bigger harmonic and percussion. Closure very romantic, emotional and driven, hopeful y...


Dark and melancholic emotional epic track. Beautifulliy dressed as modern arrangement with brass, piano and strings. This track is rather sad yet heroic and driven by the choir and drums. Very melodic and engaging. Ideal for emotional or passioanate content as well as underscore.

Melancholic sentimental electronic music with piano

Sincere and sentimental track. Perfect uses could include: music for sad videos, a scene involving rain, music to go over dramatic scenes etc.

Arab World (Oud)

Nostalgic eastern music using the instrument ‘Turkish Oud. Suitable for projects commercials, advertising, marketing campaigns, YouTube videos and more who seek a eastern and nostalgic feel into the music.
Yann Keerim
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