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Kids Playing

A very bright and cheerful track. A playful and cheeky duet of subtle ukulele and bouncy rhodes creates the mood of careless childhood when everything can be funny or curious, time of vibrant joy and games. The music will be perfect for any videos with toddlers, pets, animals, as well as cartoons, o...


Optimistic tune with Piano melody and drums, bass, guitar, strings and sinth background, perfect for tv program’s main title, emotional birthday or wedding videos, etc.


Postive and energizing theme, with piano and strings melodies with sinth, drums, bass and guitars background, suitable for comercial proyects, corporative videos or personal footage. Full song at first, comes with two loopable parts at the end of the preview

Digital Technology

Flowing chillstep instrumental track with pulsing pattering piano, subtle glitchy drums and echoing synthesizers. Meditative, introspective mood with the impression of forward-thinking. Perfect for corporate presentation, science e and technology related videos, news and current affairs.

Simple Intro Logo

Smooth and simple entry logo sound, a subtle elegant opening logo for any of your projects. A logo ident or stinger for video productions, intros, corporate websites, softwares and internet applications and company logos. Perfect for sonic branding, pitch and presentation videos for graphic designer...

Welcome Logo

Smooth entry logo sound, a subtle elegant opening logo for any of your projects. A company branding logo suitable for logo ident and stinger video productions, intros, corporate websites, softwares and internet applications and company logos. Perfect for sonic branding, pitch and presentation video...


Soft and intimate strings gradually build to an emotional, moving climax. Ideal for footage evoking feelings of sadness or hope.

The Haunted Theatre

Dark and creepy background, layered drone synth with a repetitive soft melody. If you need something quiet and subtle to create some extra suspense in your project, maybe this is it! 2 variations: fade out and button ending

Dark Cinematic Ambient Tension

Dark and mellow ambient cinematic texture/background for film, documentaries and slideshows. Subtle drone synths and a repetitive melody pattern creates a disturbing and tense atmosphere!

A New Dawn - (Atmospheric Cinematic Texture)

Dark and gloomy electronic ambient background, with rhythmic synth patters, and a subtle and optimistic piano melody. My intention was to make something suitable for use as background/underscore in various film/drama projects that have a melancholy and hopeful mood!

Brighter Dark - (Peaceful Optimistic Bright Background)

Peaceful and slowly evolving background music with an optimistic, bright and hopeful undertone. Ambient piano and electric guitars. Perfect as underscore for documentaries, film, and other media projects that need a little extra spark!

Sad Reflective Electric Guitar

Peaceful, soft and ambient electric guitar, with a dreamy and melancholic mood. This track will be good as background music for documentaries, film and videos with a sad atmosphere! 2 variations available: - Main version: 2:06 - Alternative version: 1:32

The Tunnel - (Documentary Tension Ambience)

Dark and melancholic tension music, slowly evolving drone sound with some rhythmic elements. Perfect for creating tension to a scene, or as background music for documentaries, film, drama and other projects! Instruments in use: Piano/synth, strings and electric guitar. 3 variations available: - F...


Dreamy and reflective melancholic background/texture. Deep and dark sounding repetetive sub bass, with subtle ambient electric guitars and synths on top. This track will work nice as background/underscore in projects that are dark and melancholic!

Melancholic Electric Guitar Background

Dark and melancholic background music featuring electric guitar, with a subtle touch of piano/keys! Ambient and sad kind of atmosphere. Perfect for documentaries, film, movies and other projects that need a little subtle background music to help tell the story!

Drone Ambient Soundscape

Minimalistic drone ambient track with slow and subtle harmonic variations. The relaxing and meditative mood of this track is perfect for: documentary, relaxing video, nature or space video, majestic and panoramic landscapes, meditation background and much more.

Once Upon A Time - (Epic Orchestral Emotions)

Dramatic, hopeful and emotional piece of cinematic orchestral music. Gentle start with a subtle piano melody, and slowly builds up to a big sounding string section! Perfect for film, nature videos, drone videos, movie trailer, sport videos, video montage and more! 3 variations available: - Main: 2...
Yann Keerim
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