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Night Shadows

Eerie and mystery background music with slow LoFi hip hop rhythms, piano jazz chords and elecric piano solo and trumpet solos, ideal composition in dark and suspense situations and scenes in films, tv series and other productions with similar eerie feelings.

Curious Interview Background

Gentle short track that will work very really in the background of interviews, podcasts, documentaries or any other media production.

Discover the Exotic Lost World - Chillout World Ethnic

A Chillout Lofi lounge track comprises with ethnic world instruments like bamboo flute, hybrid guitars, and ethnic drums. Ideal for Sci-fi TV/Film, video games, spa, and lounge scenes.

Curious Cartoon Staccatos

Funny cartoon track filled with special orchestral effects, perfect for animated movies or any kind of comic video situations.


Calm background track consisting of marimba, piano and some rhythmic elements to create a sense of thoughtfulness.

Intriguing Beginnings

Curious sounding track featuring marimba, piano complemented by lush sounds and effects.

Sunny Morning

Light, happy and uplifting song with glockenspiel, guitar and soft drums.


Comedy, curious, orchestral track which brings curiosity and mystery. It’s kinda funny too!

Curious Cat

This is a dramedy instrumental cue with light fun tension, great for drama and comedic scenes in reality TV style shows.

Deliberation Continues

Engaging background theme consisting of marimba, piano and strings. The track evokes a sense of curiosity and reflection.

Quirky Funny Moments

A funny and quirky orchestral track using brass, pizzicato strings, and marimba that's ideal for unusually interesting and funny scenes like cats pondering about their existence and humorous scenes in period films, or to add to your modern comedy scene a classical but still humorous flavor. Two ver...

Positive Curious Investigation

Marimba, snaps, piano and other rhythmic elements paint a curious investigative atmosphere. Perfect to use as background music in your commercial, corporate video, documentary or any other production.


An assertive sounding string ensemble is driven forward by rhythmic elements, mellow synths and piano. A curious short theme to complement your production.

Back To The Eight Bits

Fascinating, energetic and positive 8-bit style track for your video, audio collections and other projects! Enjoyable listening!
Yann Keerim
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