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Hurry Clean Up

The kids were up to no good and made a mess and now the parents are on their way home! Lots to clean up! The elves are in the workshop trying to get all of the toys ready for Christmas. Plucked pizzicato and bouncy staccato strings are the bed for a happy and playful clarinet melody. Fast Tempo of ...

Cabaret Electro Swing

Uptempo electro-swing track with cool retro sound: quirky brass section, swaggy dance beat, gypsy guitar, vinyl scratching. Cheeky jazzy vibe with a contemporary groove. Perfect for: advertising and Commercials; burlesque and Vaudeville culture; live shows presentations; comedy sketches; 1920s – 4...

Retro Funk

A retro funk track with a retro rock sound and instruments. The flute block, klein guitars, wind-up brass section, stylish bass and drums create a vintage movement. Track for advertising and TV shows.

Bigband Middle Eastern Jazz

Big Band Jazz track with Armenian folklore flavour. Enjoyable rythmic characters of the authentic Broadway style jazz will satisfy your demands for sure. Lead part with Middle Eastern instrument Oud is fully representing Armenian behaviour and sentimentalism at the same time. Track is fit for casino...

Glamour Fashion Funk

A stylish and fashionable funky track featuring smooth keyboards, upbeat drums, groovy deep fashion bass, positive brass hits, rhythmic funky guitars, and uplifting synth melody. Perfect for fashionable videos, podcast intro, commercials and others.

Art Of Bigband

Massive Broadway Big Band Jazz music` "Art Of Bigband" by Arman Mkhitarian is a jazz/funk track, It is grand and fun featuring horns, brass and drums. The excellent sounding and Armenian folklore are giving the uniqueness to this track. Energetic and Upbeat drums and percussion will get your media ...

Sunset Funky

A stylish and energetic chill funky track featuring fashionable keyboards, upbeat drums, groovy deep bass, positive brass hits, rhythmic and melodic funky guitars, and string melody. Perfect for fashionable videos, podcast intro, commercials and others.
Yann Keerim
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