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Oriental Mood

World music oriental groove. Great choice for travel projects, documentaries and more. Instruments: deep strings, oud, tabla, bansuri, santur, dholak, sitar.

Happy Floating Around

Ambient Electronic track with delicate pads, catchy melody and light percussion. Modern, dreamy feel

Grab A Partner

Lively, feel-good track with solid beat and catchy guitars

Going Undercover

Spacious, light Jazz piece with organ, light percussion, bass and oboe. Perfect for subtle background music.

Gnomes Dance

Comical film score piece with quirky arrangements

Friday Night Downtown

Cool and groovy Electronic track with modern Hip Hop beat, jazzy funky guitar and catchy synths.

Free Flowing

Inspirational ambient piece with piano, cool beat and sweeping synth pads

Finding Justice

Dramatic orchestral film score piece with epic orchestral arrangements. This piece has a war-time military feel and gradually builds throughout into a triumphant finale.

Feeling Ready For It

Mysterious, dark electronic track with action/suspense feel. Solid groove, electric guitar and synths.

Feeling Melancholy

Pleasant, easy going piece with guitar and light percussion

Feeling Kinda Great

Happy Country track with accordion, guitar,flute and light percussion. Carefree, uplifting, comedic feel.

Evil Creature

Very creepy orchestral piece with dark arrangements over pulsating percussion

Entering A New World

Emotional film score piece with lush strings, flute and light percussion

Energetic Fiesta

Uplifting, motivating track with solid groove and full band arrangement.

Endless Night

Mysterious ambient track with laid back beat and spacey synths

Electro Nights

Edgy, raw electronic track with cool beat and dark synths

Electric Ambience

Ambient electronic track with piano, mysterious synths and percussion

Eastern Sunset

Mysterious piece with haunting Eastern feel. Acoustic guitar and percussion.

Downtown Core

Ambient Electronic track with mysterious synths and light percussion. Very atmospheric.

Desparate Getaway

Edgy, mysterious track with driving percussion, guitar and haunting synths
Yann Keerim
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